This article was not written as a statistic historical one,but only as a personal view of an ordinary citizen who is not a political analyst nor has anything to do with a specific political party or organization.
What I am trying to picture are the reasons of my actual position and the tone of the previous written articles :Why does an #European born and raised ,supports Mr.President Assad and his stance against the Imperialist powers!
When I was a primary school pupil I had a #Jewish neighbor friend and her parents are the ones who first spoke about macropolitics,as long as I remember.They used to say :”yes,we are Jewish but we do not and will never recognize Israel.We do not consider a normal fact forming a state based on citizens’ religion.Maybe along history we had too many wars for personal beliefs and it is about time that humans think about a future for all,as individuals and societies !It is history who has demonstrated that big organizations or Monster states and their marionettes or satelites used do not have a long life”.
When the other neighbors asked them why not fleeing #Romania which was ruled by Ceausescu,they used to answer:fleeing to Israel,as the trend is now,would be the same to change a small chain for a bigger one:here we can not publicly practice our religion but we have it in our souls and do it in our homes.There,we could do that but the price is us obeying to a uglier mean master who makes the rules”.
The time has passed,the #revolution came in 1989 and lots of facts happened since then in my country,facts which did not get the proper attention:the vultures are hunting but the victims can not feel it!
The first thing on their agenda was to seed sectarian sedition among Christians in Romania:Catholics and Orthodox-we witnessed the fights from Targu Mures,Transilvania.Than the second important step the destruction of the national economy which was broken into pices or brought to bankcruptcy so it could be bought cheap by the big #Zionist corporate firms!The national debts have started growing ,the taxes level even faster,so the International financial forums could get the control of every internal decision.
Where are we now?IMF decideswho keeps his/her job,what salaries’ level is and how the budget is organized!But most of the Romanians were not bothered because they remember only the long rows of staying in line so they could buy the basic food,the interdiction to practice the religion,whatever this is or to own a personal property,the long nights spent in cold because rationalization,the interdictions to travel outside borders…
Now they do have all these!But can they afford ?Most of the Romanians can not!Agriculture is in ruin if the land was not bought by foreigners!A big segment was forced to flee the country searching for a better payed job in Europe,#Australia or other places on this Earth,of course for a salary level much lower than the level payed for the nationals of those countries but which looks huge for them.Who wins? The big corporatist! See the boulevards filled with farmacies or banks that says it all!The health of our society!See the shops filled with foreign synthetic products.The dirt #media filled our screens,which used to work only a few hours per day for propaganda but don’t we see now propaganda too? Our children are being indoctrinated with a sick idea of freedom,with no respect for the #Holy Books ,with sexual hidden flash even in the cartoons they watch or the idea of making money by selling their souls or bodies money which should be used to buy the products of those companies which have to be sold,with no respect for history or elders or even persoal esteem !
Fifteen years ago ,I have married a #Syrian,a real patriot with large knowledge of history.This is when I have started being connected with Syria,one of the most beautiful countries I have seen(other than Romania) and which I love so much!
Since then,we spent every summer,and some winters there!Every year I,ve tried to accumulate as much knowledge about it and visit as many places as I could! I’ve met its people,I listened their stories and Syrians helped me understand their views.At the same table ,in my parents-in-law ‘ house Shia_Sunni-Christians enjoy the quality family time!In Aleppo we’ve met people with small manufacturies,we liked their products and we started colaborating with them for selling it here…In Damascus I was showed the most of those magic historical places but also the modern built areas and how Syria was developing a good future for next generations.In Hama we used to go to buy “halawe b’jbne” and watching for hours the water mills rolling.In Homs,before taking the road back to Romania,I used to do my shopping and because we were doing this anual trip by car,I used to fill it with “mshalale,jbne beda,maqdus sweets and nuts,mloukhie yabse” and all kind of tasty grains.And the sellers were smilling and inviting us to taste those natural products!In Palmira we made fun of my mother in law who was scared of bedouins stealing her beautiful grand daughters…Our kids were so happy playing on the golden sands of the beaches in Latakia or Tartous and I was thrilled seeing their rubin coloured faces caused by the fresh ,cold air from Casiun,Qadmus or Mashta Halw.
The souvenirs for my family and friends here used to be bought from the Holy Christian placesfrom Damascus,Sydnaya or from those wonderful Homs’monasteries or just from the old markets of the cities we were traveling through .
Magic moments,as you can see…and tears in my eyes as I am writing about it now…
The monsters had plans for the resources and geographic area…
The monsters had to destroy all these and they have applied their decades preparations,openlly ,since 2011…That summer :we entered Syria from Kasap,Latakia ‘s mountains-on the road,two trucks loaded with women and children refugees from Turkey ,not guarded:when they saw the plates with foreign numbers they started singing:”Allah ,Suria ,Bashar w bas” ;next week we were in Latakia Orange mall,Al Jazeera said the national army was bombing the city from the sea side,it almost gave a heart attack to my mother in law,but we were having fun=just lies of biased…the first shock…in Bab Sbaa,Homs I witnessed the cruel,monstrous game rolling…I saw how the bodies of two teenagers were thrown in front of the building …killed because one of them did not want to close his shop on Friday-he was Christian and he was closing it on Sundays,next days a RPG hit the same building,on 10th of September the monsters were screaming the names of soldiers and civilians considered to be “shabiha” -judging only by the names they were condemned…on 11th ,4 of them were dead…we went for their funerals…
How could I adopt a different stance?How could I stay inert seeing my adoptive country destroyed by those monsters and by a a few stupid,brainwashed locals who sold themselves?I couldn’t! And I chose to write about it and try to prove my point having as the only weapon my keyboard or the pen!Guess what:me and my husband are listed as “shabiha” and found guilty of being with “the system” thou we live in Europe and we are not financial connected to it or with any official person or organization,just because our point of view!

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