Paramilitary organizations are never democratic.Fanatics have no democratic visions!


Democracy presupposes clearly secularism and as we witness these days the great “Arab spring” is turning into reactionary regression an emergence of a “religious” force with no respect for real Islam that takes as a source for legislation the words of “screen fit imams” instead of the will of the people. The fanatic forces are the ones that most often come to power in this stage.Image
Please observe the huge difference between the arrival in power of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and the Extremist Islamists in the Arab “spring”. Khomeini was the leader of the Iranian revolution, was its true leader, while the “Islamic “movements today offered the ruling power to some Occidental puppets linked and having as only leader the Muslim Brotherhood organization a Zionist,UK creation with clear doctrine against secularism. Were they the dream of the young people asking for democracy? The cause of the Arab revolutions?Were they revolutions?
In Libya and Yemen the result of the “spring” was expansion of the Al-Qaida another creation of the West ,American CIA this time!Isn’t that America and UK share slices of those territories,in fact ,thou they have justified their intervention having as target the exact opposite point?
After African countries they migrated to Syria: jihadist combatants from all across the Arab and Fake Islamic worlds even from Chechnya are taking part in the “Syrian people’s revolution”. In the Jordanian city of Maan, Salafi jihadist groups broadcast a video of one of their members blowing himself up at Syrian checkpoint. The Salafist declared its jihadists are stationed in Syria and the members of the Syrian National Council appealed for foreign intervention directed that, in their view, would allow him to control this militarization ,while the Westerners have started writing scenarios of “regime change” :
1)first Yemeni scenario as it happened with Ali Abdallah Saleh,but they forgot that Mr President al Assad in no one’s puppet as Salehi was :obeing Saudi Arabia!The Westerners started blaming Russia for its support -a illusion for media because what Russia did was stopping WW3 and ensuring the stability of the area ,the support of the Lion is was and will be a Syrian one!They stirred sectarian fights but they failled again-the big Sunni clans as Barri in Aleppo could not be bought!The West spoke about “Assad’s army” but they did not mention that more than 70% of this army,as the Defense Minister is Sunni!They ignored the calls of the Grand Mufti of Syria or H.E.- Butti and they brought to our screens the Devil itself :Araour and Karadawi.
2) second they talked about the presence of Iranian or Russian or Hesbollah forces on the Syrian ground as a pretext for invasion and an excuse for the open support for terrorists made by Gulf,Turkey ,UK and USA but they failed again:maybe they could fool their own citizens to justify the costs of such war payed from their taxes or bought some expatriates but most of the Syrians did not fall in the trap!

3) in the past month they thought repeating the Iraq :chemical weapons and the Zionist media has started preparing the ground,while Saudi Arabia considered sending such weapons to the terrorist


These three illusions are the result of a deficiency in the strategic understanding of reality and differences between Syria on the one hand and Egypt, Tunisia ,Yemen or Iraq,Lybia on the other.First:Syria is the middle point of the resistence axis (a reason for them to want it broken)because of its people not only because of its Leader only!
Second:bowing to those who bow themselves to Zionism is not in Syrian blood,this germ can not affect us!Third:Syria has ever been the safe refuge for all those hunted by the dark forces of occupation and if some of them sold their souls to the Devil,the majority didn’t!More,these days the Syrians who are in those refugee camps on the borders must have seen,by now, the difference between home and the Morgana offered by warmongers! Syrians want now to make pay those responsible for the atrocities that are being committed against the Syrian people as they saw jihadists slaughter their own families !

Yes I say Syrians and not supporters ,because it is the reality:they wanted make it look like a sectarian fight,or civil war!Between who and who?Between foreign Jihadists and Syrians? Between traitors and patriots?Turks,Libyans,Tunisians ask for…in Syria!What for?Jihad?Jihad is a fight for Allah but they do not know Allah! Those expatiates who claim they controll 70% of Syria but they can not step in ,yet? Those who ask for the total destruction of economy so the big Zionist come and buy it cheap:why did they call for Mr.President to step down first than elections?
Because they are sure they do not have a chance with Syrians!Point


5 thoughts on “Paramilitary organizations are never democratic.Fanatics have no democratic visions!

  1. olga Nakkas says:

    Dear Sabina Chiaburu.I totally agree with you. I happened to know you are from Romania , a country that has suffered the same kind of imperialist plot. I take the liberty to write you because I am making a film about the imperialist plot against Syriya, Suriyya Al Tahaddi , which I started shooting a year ago during Ramadan , I am trying to finish it and run out of funds, are you perhaps in touch with First Lady Asma al Assad or other institutions ?? Maybe Mr Rami Makhlouf ??,I was told he sponsors films ??? I can send you a detailed synopsis and a trailer of 15 minutes of the shoot.I would like to finish it by end of Octoberr or November.It is a 90 minutes documentary and I am a Turkish born director /producer living in Beirut. I have asked syrian tv and other tvs in Lebanon but nobody is sensitive.It is about WATAN and do not talk about interior problems of syria which I do not want to tackle for lack of deep understanding but mainly because my subject is the INTERNATIONAL PLOT against Syria
    Best Regards
    Olga Nakkas

    • Dear Olga Nakkas!
      Thank you for your interest !I made your comment public hoping it will help you ,because personally I am not in touch with any of the Syrian officials !And I do not know the real identity of my readers! My family there(in Syria) has nothing to do with politics and my work is for Syria as a whole ,Syria that I know and love!

  2. 3arabisouri says:

    You summarize the whole issue but the blind fool Sheeple of the west will be fooled again, not because those fooling them are smart, it’s because the masses like to be fooled time and time again..

    How many false flags have been till now? You mentioned Libya, Iraq as examples, add: Afghanistan, Bay of Pigs in Cuba, Vietnam itself, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons program while israel’s real nuclear weapons are there, Tunisia and the guy who burnt himself they called him martyr, Serbia, Central America and what was known as the banana countries, Panama… it’s just countless.

    While those in bad need of democracy are forgotten and I just refer you to a video circulated recently of what’s called the annual ‘Reassuring of Allegiance’ ceremony in Morocco, this can’t be in the 21st century, this can’t be even in medieval times, yet that country’s despot is one of the most praised by the western powers calling themselves the ‘International Community’, while we saw 120 countries meeting in Iran, most of them are rising strong powers vs the ailing powers of the west.

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