Mr President’s Bashar al Assad interview-29/02/2012

Mr President's Bashar al Assad interview-29/02/2012

President al-Assad: the situation in Aleppo cannot be separated from the situation in Syria.
*Turkey is direct responsible for the bloodshed in Syria
*the task of the army and the armed forces in all countries of *the world is to protect the homeland. Protection not only of abroad enemies
*the talk about buffer zones does not exist and is not realistic.
*there is a continuing supplying for the militants, specifically in Homs.
*Syria does not need a green light for its sovereign issues
*We must distinguish between the trade crisis and errors that may occur during the crisis, and every person who wants to prolong the crisis for various reasonsmust be held accountable .
*Since the first week of the crisis, there were victims of police and security, how did they fall? Fallen victims of the acoustic wave of the demonstrators?
*We have to stop the self-flagellation,media must exceed from the educational role to the investigative role.
*Syrian media managed to hit the genuine media empires sustained not only with money but by the political decision in the major capitals of the world and this is the proof of the success of the Syrian media
*There are minimum levels of staff needed – the popular mass plays an essential role in the media
*the defection operation must be committed inside the country and not outside, therefore who runs away is an escapee / the Syrian people does not respect who flees and Syrians cannot be led from the outside.
*A lot of people did not notice that our position on the bombing of Libya and we were the only ones in the Arab *League who voted against it not just abstaining from voting
we were obviously asked to leave Iran behind and that is unacceptable.
*we must move away from unnecessary consumption habits which we were used with in the years of prosperity
*there is a national opponent that put the interests of the country as primordial and who participated in dialogue and and elections
*there is also a non-national opponent that wants to extort us to reclaim positions.
*Syrian Arab army is the protector of the people and the homeland Army and Armed Forces conducts heroic battles out there on the field
*President al-Assad to the opponents: if you want be late, then you must be honest at least.
*We have to use all possible tools, including tolerance and amnesty is not weakness

Defections occurred inside the country, those who left their country called absconders and fugitives.

– Some opposition parties were paid in Cairo by some Gulf countries not to participate in the national dialogue.

– The Syrian media exposed huge media empires, and the Syrian media institutions can perform better.- Rumors about Syria work for us in the long term, when people realize that these bubbles are just lies.

– I am in the presidential house in Damascus.


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