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Western media distorts truth in Syria

Syrian journalists say some Western and Arabic satellite news channels are fabricating events to accuse the Syrian army of attacking and terrorizing civilians.

They refer to the recent case of Mohammad Salim Kabbani who used to go on live on Al-Jazira , Al-Arabia and Orient TV channels as the spokesman for the foreign-backed militant group calling itself the Free Syria Army.

He appeared on Arab media outlets as if he was in the city of Homs while he was in Northern Lebanon city of Tripoli. Mohammad salim Kabbani confessed 3 weeks ago in an interview on the Syrian Television that he was fabricating events to get money from those media outlets in return.



I Media Occidentali distorcono la verità sulla Siria.

Alcuni giornalisti siriani accusano i canali di notizie via satellite, occidentali e arabi, di fabbricare falsi eventi per accusare…

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