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Woman Confesses to Working with Terrorist Groups and Interrogating Abducted Women

Terrorist Sabah Othman confessed to working with armed terrorist groups in Douma, Damascus Countryside, and being an accomplice to the abduction, torture and murder of women, with her acting as an interrogator.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, 22 year-old Othman said that she is originally from Douma and that she was married at the age of 14 and separated from her husband three years later.

She met a man named Ala’a Mahfoud from Harasta on the pretext that he wanted to marry her, and he introduced her to two militants from a group referring to itself as Loua’a al-Islam who in turn introduced her to the group’s leader Zahran Alloush who employed her as an interrogator of the women they abducted.

Othman said that she was told to beat up any abducted woman that doesn’t answer…

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