#FSA /AlQaida=foreign mercenaries

#FSA /AlQaida=foreign mercenaries

Reports from the Mideast suggest that the U.S. mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater ,which recently changed its name to Academi is training Syrian rebels in Turkey, moving in veteran mercenaries from Iraq, where there were once fifty thousand U.S.-paid private soldiers, and sending combat units into Syria.

Obviously amateur street fighters could not be able to use SAMs or any other powerful antitank weapons—likely French, American or Turkis which we saw have been used extensively lately in Syria. You don’t blow up a modern T-72 tank with light, handheld RPG rockets. Powerful antitank weapons, like the U.S. TOW or French Milan, require professional, trained crews. The use of these weapons suggests that outside forces are involved in the fighting, as they were in Libya.

Now come reports that the terrorist are receiving small numbers of man-portable antiaircraft missiles and they are being trained, in Turkey which makes the deadly U.S. Stinger AA missile under license

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