Friends of Syria

How some of Arab Sunni rulers stoop to please their western masters? 

Qatar’s pro-USrael ruling Thani family is one of the cases in point. Qatar has funded Salafi-Wahabi armed gangsters in Libya against Libyan leader Qaddafi last year. The Thani family has loaned its Al-Jazeera network to demonize anti-Israel leaders, such as, Qaddafi, Ahmadinejad, Sheikh Nasrallah, al-Maliki and Bashar al-Assad. Thani family even tried to bribe Taliban to live in peace with US-NATO occupation in Afghanistan.

Currently, the Thani family along with its Wahabi Saudi family is bankrolling rebels in Syria – who have killed tens of thousands of Shia Alawites, Sunnis and Christians soldiers and civilians. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the ‘Axis of Evil’ are desperately fighting the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Syria, Hizbullah and Iran) in order to install a pro-Israel regime in Damascus and isolate the country from the Islamic Republic.

Not only Qatar is involved in…

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