Spokesperson for the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Jihad Makdissi ‘s interview to the Lebanese tv channel Al Jadeed

Spokesperson for the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Jihad Makdissi said in an interview to the Lebanese tv channel Al Jadeed that executing Annan’s plan in Syria is in the hands of the international community, and some keys to the solution are with Arab capitals. He also stressed Syria’s complete commitment to Annan’s plan, saying that there is a special Syrian committee dealing with the UN and pushing for the political solution away from bureaucracy. However, the issues are complex and the solution is not solely in Syria.

Makdissi added “there is some kind of media loss. Annan’s six points cannot be changed. The meeting between President Assad and Mr. Annan was not a summit but a complementary meeting to follow up on their latest discussions regarding the implementation of the said plan. He further clarified that the plans calls for stopping the violence from all parties involved, and not only the Syrian government, as the issue is a process and not a button to click”.

Dr. Makdissi further said that “each party stresses the points that are suitable from their point of view. The meetings taking place in Tehran and Geneva and elsewhere aim to encourage people to talk in order to reach a political solution. No one can impose what defines a political solution. The Syrian government can change circumstances in Syria in accordance with the people’s needs, and not as imposed by this king or that prince. We cannot jump to a solution. I invite everyone to the table of dialogue.”

He also said that there are specific channels to deal any misunderstanding or disputes between Syria and Lebanon. The Syrian embassy in Beirut deals with such matters. There are weapons entering Syrian lands, and patience is required regarding what is happening on the borders. Syria is not accusing anyone, and we hope that Lebanon will stay as it has always been, and not turn into a platform that antagonizes Syria.”


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