Al Qaeda adopting the attack on the Syrian Alikhbaria TV station and bragging about destroying the building, killing 7 people including 3 journalists and showing the abducted journalists!

Alikhbaria is a satellite TV channel that broadcasts from Syria, was banned by EU on June 26th, and on the very next day on June 27th at dawn it was attacked by herds of Turkey (NATO member state) sponsored FSA terrorists in its headquarters to the south of Damascus. 3 Journalists and 4 security guards were faced to a wall and shot dead; 11 others were kidnapped and their fate is unknown till now.

The building was turned into rubble by planting explosives all over and detonating it after few minutes anticipating that people would come to rescue the wounded after hearing gun shots thus increasing the number of the dead. Only Al Qaeda has some tactics. 

The NATO channels instead of condemning this incident that targeted a media channel went on to justify the attack because the channel was ‘pro Assad’, the 7 civilian martyrs and the 11 kidnapped ones are ok to be targeted since they’re political opinion doesn’t match that of NATO & its stooges. The demonizing plan though didn’t work to the extent they liked, they still use it to target people who stand against their plots.


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