La résistance à l’Empire atlanto-sioniste se joue en Syrie

La résistance à l’Empire atlanto-sioniste se joue en Syrie

After uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, which were popular and aimed at overthrowing despots submitted to the Empire, the latter through the media wanted us to believe in the existence of an “Arab Spring” wind of democracy to the sauce that would sweep the Western “tyrants”.It must be said and repeated: there is no “Arab Spring”. Only two revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, quickly recovered by the globalists.
Libya is the ultimate proof of this scam: a relatively prosperous country, who certainly knew of red and opposition, but the standard of living was more than satisfactory. A country that financed many development projects throughout Africa and was preparing to launch a competitor of the dollar currency, the dinar gold. And then suddenly, we did it the people’s revolt against the tyrant, in this case Gaddafi! The reality is that this was a minority, armed and financed by the oil monarchies of the Gulf and Western intelligence services, who has declared war against a legitimate government in place. We know the following: NATO bombing, Gaddafi lynching, murder of much of his family, anti-black racist massacres, and the icing on the cake or rather filth on the dunghill: the monster BHL shooting a film on a heap of bodies to glorify his image … Libya is currently living the darkest hours of its history.
The Western monarchies and Wahhabi-Zionists have attempted to repeat this abomination against Syria. Same scenario: it is argued, in support servile media, an awful bloody dictator – Bashar al-Assad – killing his people that rises to demand freedom and democracy. The reality for those who pay close attention to these issues, is again quite different: mercenaries, funded and armed by foreign agents – the same as in Libya – spread terror in the country.Bombings, massacres of civilians, plunder …
In reality, Libya and Syria have a long history in the crosshairs of imperial powers and Israel. For Libya, the existence of a prosperous Arab and Muslim country, with very large reserves of oil, which has long worked to build a real independence of Africa and the Arab world against imperial domination , was an unbearable prospect for the Yankees. Adding that the Zionists have always hated Gadhafi for his anti-Israeli statements and active support, financial and military support, for Palestinians. Note that this is exactly the same configuration as the Iraq of Saddam! It is no coincidence!
Regarding Syria, things are equally clear: this is a state allied with Iran, that the Zionists want a very long time to shave his insubordination to the terrorist entity. Overthrow Assad would allow Israel to avoid having to support its gates to the Persians.
To destroy the seeds of rebellion in the Muslim world AUTHENTIC, the empire has naturally established alliance with the Wahhabi monarchy. Qatar and Saudi Arabia, we have long known, are slaves of the West, by their hatred of the Shia and Sunni non-Wahhabi, they allied themselves to the devil that made them believe they can implement the States like-minded throughout the Arab world.
What are the objectives of this global business of subversion? First, we have seen that it is preparing a future war against Iran. But more broadly, we must remember that the Jewish extremists, who hold the reins of power in the West – through AIPAC, the CRIF, the JDL, AJC, the Bnai Brith, Bilderberg etc. … -, believe that they will rule the world after it was destroyed by a huge war West-East.
Some, like Rav Ron Chaya, admit it without any ambiguity, and that’s to his credit. Then it seems that their idea is to put in all Muslim countries, authorities in Saudi or Qatari sauce, that is to say living caricatures insulting behavior by Islam and Muslims. Recall that these two states apply equally ruthless villains Islamic penal law to the most humble, the poor and children without applying any indulgence as we taught the Prophet (sas), while leaving leaders, criminals, traitors and perverts , committing the most serious violations of the sacred and that their characteristic is to be fully integrated into the global financial system, involved in the scam of this paper money that is the dollar and thereby prosper leaving the U.S. empire, leaving him ADDITION build military bases where the worst place there blameworthy and enjoy the abundant oil. It is then that in the eyes of public opinion, it becomes urgent to launch a global war against those awful “bearded” …
This interest reflects in part that of fanatical American neoconservatives. For the latter, the greatest threat is represented by Russia and China. The U.S. is on the verge of collapse, given the state of their economy plagued by speculation and finance predatory loan sharks of Wall Street, they fear above all the advent of these two powers. But this is not coincidence that China and Russia, having realized that they were also targeted, support Syria: State, and Iran are strategic allies of these two great countries.
More than ever, we must hammer home that the insurgents are Syrian fanatics, puppets of the Empire primarily Judeo-Atlanticist. People without brains, who murder their own brothers, believing work for the greatness of Islam, but in reality are his worst enemies.
Source Muslim resistance

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