Ankara has deployed a convoy of about 30 military vehicles, including trucks loaded with missile batteries, to the Syrian border, Turkish state media say.

According to reports by Turkish state media on Thursday, the convoy left the town of Iskenderun in the southern province of Hatay, heading for the Syrian border. 

Several military vehicles have also been deployed separately to a military garrison in the border town of Reyhanli in Hatay. 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Jaber, director of Center for Middle East Studies from Beirut, to further talk over the issue. Below is an approximate transcription of the interview. 

Press TV: Hisham Jaber, what do you make of this Turkey deploying militarily along the border with Syria? 

Jaber: Personally, I was not surprised by this military deployment but I think that Turkey will not make or start or provoke any war against Syria. It is clear. Turkey made a great mistake by sending that aircraft and Turkey did not want to recognize that it made a mistake. 

And especially I think towards Turkish people and the opposition and the public opinion in Turkey, Turkey wants to show some, and also as a psychological war towards Syria, wants to show its muscles or its forces. 

If Turkey wanted to declare or start a war against Syria, in my opinion, it should make [should have made] it one year ago when Turkey was very excited and very aggressive to create a buffer zone with Syria; then Turkey did discover that to create a buffer zone along 800 kilometers with Syria, the whole Turkish army even it is that strong cannot defend that border and also Syria is not alone. 

If Turkey starts any war against Syria, it has to think that it has borders with Iran and with Russia and Iran and Russia will not stay silent towards any aggression, military aggression or war against Syria. It is clear now. I think that movement is a psychological warfare towards Syria and psychological operations, as they call it, towards the Turkish people. 

Do not forget that on Saturday they will start a conference in Geneva about Syria and Turkey will be inside that conference. And as we heard also today that Russia will continue to support Syrian regime and shipment of military equipment including helicopters and air defense system which was supposed to go to Syria by shipment by sea, now Russia will send it by air. 

And Russia responded and replied to the criticism about sending military equipment in supporting Syria that said that Russia did make and did sign agreement with Syria and Russia is not capable or able or in a position to deny those agreements. 

All of the above and the whole situation will convince everyone that there is no war between Turkey and Syria because it is very dangerous for Turkey. Turkey is not ready to start any war against Syria. 

Press TV: Let me ask you this: in terms of what they have done, the question that comes to mind, given that Turkey is a NATO member, would they or could they or do they have permission, if they want to incite war, I mean do they need to get a nod or an approval from NATO which in that case we have seen NATO really reluctant to have any type of military engagement in Syria? Could they go it alone, in other words? 

Jaber: No, they would not and even Turkey as a member of NATO. We heard in the last few days that [Anders Fogh] Rasmussen, the Secretary General of NATO, said NATO will not be involved, will not be concerned about any military operation against Syria and even he, a few months ago, said that even if a decision comes from the Security Council which is impossible with the veto of Russia and China, Mr. Rasmussen made it clear. 

He said even if there is a decision for military operation against Syria, NATO is not concerned about this operation. How come if Turkey wants to make a military adventure against Syria? I do not think at all that NATO will encourage this or will be involved in such military aggression against Syria. 

Press TV: Hisham Jaber, it seems to be not on this radar, so to speak, of news that Syria was actually acting in self-defense in a matter of speaking because it was reported that these reconnaissance planes, if there were one or two of them, were actually spying and locating the different movements of the Syrian army and then relaying that to the opposition who is on the ground and it is reported that Syria actually has proof of that. Why is that not being highlighted if it is true? 

Jaber: Yes, I think because the propaganda is against Syria. Before we talk about this, look at the incident of the aircraft. The aircraft was shot on the Syrian air and Syria was in legitimate self-defense and Syria is not attacking Turkey. 

I do not see any Syrian tanks going to the Syrian borders or across that border; I do not see any Syrian aircraft flying over Turkey. But on the other hand, you see Turkey is supporting the opposition and is moving inside even the Syrian land and Syria is always trying to avoid any military contact with Turkey. 

Look at the hostages, who are taken from Lebanon, you know the Lebanese hostages, who have been taken and are still hostages in Syrian land with the protection of Turkish intelligence. Everybody knows this but Syria does not have any interest right now to provoke any war with Turkey. 

On the other hand, I am sure that Turkey does not have any interest in starting a war or military conflict with the Syrians…. 

Do not forget [that] there is 800 kilometers [of common border] between Syria and Turkey and despite that the Turkish army is very strong, as they say it, also the Syrian army is not that weak. And Syria did prove that it has, for example, a very important, advanced and sophisticated defense [system] and Syria can defend itself.

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