Syrian athlete has provoked anger from Zionist forces by declaring his steadfast support for Bashar al-Assad being loyal for his country ahead of competing in the London Olympics.Ahmad Hamsho, a 19-year-old show jumper who has lived in London for around three years, will be part of a 10-person team of Syrian athletes.
He denied Syrian government’s role in growing violence in the country:
“My Government is only protecting people from guys with weapons,” he told The Times newspaper.
“I know that there are terrorists in my country who are bombing civilians and I hope that we get rid of them. And those others who are protesting for a valid reason, I hope my Government will protect them.”
Speaking on behalf of his team-mates, he said: “We must represent the Syrian people and we must also represent Dr Bashar al-Assad, who is still our President.
“We all agree on this point of view as a team.”

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