Hesham Tillawi, a Palestinian, anti-Zionist commentator and TV personality, a U.S. resident. In 2004 he was elected to the board of the Palestinian-American Congress. He leads the controversial TV show “Current Issues”. Tilllawi has called on Syria issue on several occasions, most recently yesterday (25/2) in an interview to television channel Press TV: “US-led anti-Syria plots aim at Defending Israel.” Tillawi believe that the purpose of the aggressive destabilization campaign against Syria is to promote the Zionist regime. It is primarily the Western powers the U.S., UK and France, and Israel and their allies among Arab regimes, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who runs the campaign. Syria has long been a free and independent nation without a single U.S. base on its soil, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in practice, American colonies with a strong U.S. military presence. Syria is perhaps the most important link in the Arab resistance to Zionism at this time. What is happening in Syria is not a genuine popular revolution. “That is not a revolution, and That is not a revolution That we in the Arab world or the Muslim world need”, says Tillawi. He also notes that the United States, Israel and other Western powers in Syria as in the past in Libya cynically using the Al-Qaeda (militant Wahhabis). There is certainly a domestic opposition in Syria who want democratic reforms, but these have been displaced by violent, militant groups with very different goals. “So You Have external forces fighting for the change of the regime there. They do not care about what is going to happen with the people or Their democracy. “See the full interview on video and read a transcription here .

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