It was Gaza that caused me to wake up politically. The Zionist regime carried out a massacre in Gaza-2008 and 2009. I decided to be radical. Then, when phosphorus bombs fell, did Hillary Clinton do not consider it necessary to convene a conference under the title “Palestine’s friends” to save Palestinian lives. For more than sixty years, on the contrary, the Zionist regime’s genocidal policies towards the Palestinians going on with America’s active support. The U.S. government has never been, and is not, Arab friends.

While the Gaza massacre lasted appeared Hamas as a radical force, an elected Islamic and Arabic movement fighting for Palestinian rights. Even then, however, the movement suspicious moves. I think of a religious connection to Wahhabism, corruption and Machiavellianism, and a shadowy history of collaborating with Israel. These less beautiful sides have gradually become increasingly prominent and now seems to dominate.

I have often repeated that my support for Hamas is not an endorsement of an organization, but for the resistance principle. If Hamas gives up its resistance, it loses my support.

Hamas’ Machiavellian move seen above all in dealing with Syria issue. As the Palestinian resistance movement, it would be natural to take the side of Syria’s independence and freedom against the imperialist forces. That’s exactly the same forces that seek to destabilize Syria, which over the years has maintained the Zionist occupation. But no. Principle tension has given way to the horse-trading.

Syrian and Palestinian destinies are intertwined. Those who fail Syria, betraying Palestine. Israel, the occupying Palestine, also occupying the Golan Heights part of Syria. Those who now come together to destroy Syria are the same all the time on the bottom Palestinians and supported the occupying power. It’s the same people, same states, the same forces. Unfortunately, naivety and a certain extent, sectarianism, the Wahhabi factor, led many Arabs can not see clearly.

Machiavellismen Hamas has probably inherited from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, its “mother organization”, which during the Cold War got financial assistance from the U.S. and Britain to undermine Gamal Abdel Nasser. Muslim brothers tried to assassinate Nasser on several occasions. He called the organization Ikhwan ash-shayatin or “the satanic brothers.”

At an earlier stage of its history was supported Hamas against Israel. It was the Cold War strategy to support the Muslim Brotherhood and King Faisals Wahhabis against the Arab nationalist and socialist movements. Israel hoped that Hamas would weaken Yasser Arafat and the PLO.

Hamas has in the recent crisis in Syria proved that one does not outgrown his childhood murky dealings with Israel. They’re still in an immature religious setting that allows sectarian interests prevail over the anti-imperialist resistance.

In my book , an Islamist, (2010) I pointed out that there are of course “individuals within Hamas, which has been influenced by Wahhabi ideas, but the movement itself is not a Wahhabi.” (p. 120) This Wahhabi feature of Hamas has caused a dilemma. The Wahhabi clergy in Saudi Arabia has in unison joined the Western imperialism by kättarstämpla Assad and call for “jihad” against the Syrian government.

Since Hamas leaders have failed to completely sever ties with the Wahhabi takes into account what they say. Many in Hamas have some religiously based respect for the Wahhabis. How can this situation be loyal to both wahhabiprästerna and resistance?

Hamas won elections in Gaza in January 2006. Its popularity has fallen steadily since then. If the election were today, it would not win. Hamas has proved to be equal to Fatah corrupted. Machiavellismen has gone completely overboard. The essence of the Wahhabi movement, by its very self-righteousness and intolerance alienated many Palestinians.

In the book, Islamism’s victory (2009) describes the deep Israelis kindly security analyst Magnus Norell Saudi Arabia as a “moderate” state (p. 117). Syria and Iran, however, is “radical” states. He will see in things from Israel’s perspective. What is the best Israel? Forces favoring Israel is “moderate” while the forces working against Israel is “radical”.

The name has nothing to religious moderation and tolerance to do. The Wahhabi dictatorship in Saudi Arabia which executes “heretics” on the assembly line is “moderate” while Syria, which is one of the most religiously tolerant, liberal and pluralistic Arab states, according to this logic is a “radical” because of its resistance to the Zionist regime. Norell should, therefore, if it continues on this path, will soon be able to classify Hamas as a “moderate” movement.

Magnus Norell call constellation Iran-Syria-Hezbollah for “the radical camp” and says that this camp assumed the same role as Nasser’s Egypt was in 1950 – and 60’s as leader of the Arab and Islamic resistance. It is therefore natural that the Saudi, Wahhabi clergy, the U.S. and Israel’s “Islamic department of psychological warfare,” kättarstämplar and demonizing Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, as we used to kättarstämplade and black painted Nasser.

Hamas would not have survived after the Israeli blockade of 2007, without financial support from the Islamic Republic of Iran. It would not have the position you have today if not Syria offered a political platform and a haven for its activists. Ingratitude is the world’s pay.

Machiavellisterna within Hamas has said that got the upper hand. It addresses “the radical camp” back and approaches rather than the Wahhabi, “moderate” monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the United States and Israel’s closest ally in the region with a large U.S. military presence. U.S. sells weapons to millions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, fighting on their behalf in Yemen and Bahrain and also brutally put down their home, peaceful opposition.

Hamas has recently received large sums of Qatar, the Lilliputian country ruled by the king, where imbecille similar to Laurel on the dot, with the difference that he is more repulsive than funny. Khaled Meshaal has moved to Doha. They continue like this can the U.S. and Europe soon remove Hamas’ terrorist stamp, at least informally. So long Hamas!

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