The Truth about Syria

Friday 03.February.2012 was the 30th anniversary of what is known as “Hama Events” that ended many years of clashes between the Syrian government and the Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

That anniversary was an occasion for the liars of the Wahhabi media to post more lies. They published several photos claiming to be for alleged-massacres committed by the Syrian army against “Civilians” in the city of Hama.

However, nothing new; the photos were fake. By fake I mean they were for other events that took place outside Syria. To be specific some took place in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli invasion, others took place in Palestine decades ago.

Let us start with the Wahhabi channel Al-Arabiya:

On 31.January.2012 they posted the photo below on their website claiming it to be for the so-called “Hama Massacres” in 1982.

A photo from the Lebanese Civil war being used by Al-Arabiya…

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