NATO-Staaten und ihre arabischen Lakaien entblößen sich beim Plot gegen Syrien weiter

NATO-Staaten und ihre arabischen Lakaien entblößen sich beim Plot gegen Syrien weiter.

NATO countries and their Arab servants continued to uncover the plot against Syria

First February 2012

It is said that lies have short legs. Or they make a long nose, like Pinocchio. Would the British Foreign Secretary William Hague of lying like Pinocchio getting a long nose, so he could use his nose now as a clothes horse.

Yesterday at the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria, William Hague, told the Guardian, according to :

“This is not the West, telling the Syrians what to do. It is not the permanent members of UN Security Council that Syria impose their will. This is the Arab world that the UN Security Council calls for help to deal with the crisis in Syria, and the danger it poses to the stability of their region. “

It seems that now, after Russia and China in October, a European draft resolution on Syria voted down and have Britain, France, Germany and the United States in December, a Russian Resoutionsentwurf to Syria rejected , submitted by the Arab government of Morocco, an Arab draft resolution regarding Syria was. The U.S. propaganda spin-APclaimed to the draft resolution, the draft text had been “out of Morocco.”

In fact it is so that Morocco is nothing but a straw man is to present the draft resolution drawn up by Britain in the UN Security Council, and thus pretend that it was an Arab draft resolution. As Inner City Press on the basis of a Word document including processing history leaked draft resolution document has, Reza Afshar is the first political secretary of the British Embassy to the UN, lead author of the draft resolution presented as a Moroccan.

It entailed not only William Hague and his American, German and French NATO cronies who do so, as if it were an Arab draft resolution, exposed as a shameless liar. Her part in the lie Arab lackeys, the Moroccan king, the Emir of Qatar and the Saudi king, to the Secretary General of the Arab League, were exposed to as willing puppets of the NATO, which have nothing to say except what the NATO members ask of them.

So it is not surprising that the draft resolution on the report of the Monitoring Mission of the Arab League and completely ignored the propaganda of the NATO and GCC countries, the findings of the mission on top of that conceals as much as possible. Instead, the determination of the observer mission to take note that perpetrate in Syria armed government opponents murderous violence against security forces, civilians and infrastructure, and proceed Syrian government forces against armed attackers tried the UN draft resolution on the violence perpetrated by the Syrian government, and imposes, as a consequence of false statements to fulfill the agenda of the NATO countries, namely, a regime change in Syria within 15 days.

Also, the finding of an observer mission to the Syrian government has cooperated well with the efforts of the mission, but foreign media are trying to sabotage a peaceful and inclusive political process in Morocco as an Arab draft resolution presented British not taken into account. If the draft resolution of the Arab Observer Mission’s report into account, it would be the efforts of foreign media of fueling violence in Syria to condemn. But of course, Britain condemns in its own draft resolution, not their own terror and propaganda campaign to sabotage peace in Syria , and also not to sync the current anti-Syrian propaganda campaigns of other NATO countries as well as the channel of their GCC lackeys from Qatar and Saudi Arabia .

The omission of the condemnation of the so-called “Syrian National Council” and the associated terrorist group “Free Syrian Army” is not objectively justifiable. Headquartered in the NATO country Turkey “Free Syrian Army” has in the past openly declared her murderous terror attacks , and it still is not far removed.

Haitham Maleh, one of the leaders of the so-called “Syrian National Council”, meanwhile, has publicly stated that “Syrian National Council” reject talks with the government and instead put on a regime change through armed struggle. Turkey is helping the “Syrian National Council” in the fight by making it the “Syrian National Council” permitted to hold an account where money is collected for weapons of armed anti-government forces in Syria, says Haitham Maleh. The enforcement of human rights after a victory of his forces is the alleged human rights activist Haitham Maleh, according to the interview before, so that the Syrian president and his family will be publicly lynched and without trial.

Although the meantime everything is known very well, try the Western states and their Arab servants in the UN Security Council all the Syrian President Bashar Assad against the will of the majority of the Syrian population disempower with sanctions by the UN and Haitham Maleh and his murderous cronies at the to take power. The NATO countries and their Arab servants are exposed as a liar, which is not about the welfare of the population of Syria is, but rather a question of Syria to overthrow in a bloody mess to Iran first , and then to weaken Russia and China to destabilize and ultimately destroy . The plot against Syria is a forthright manner.

Russia and China are well-advised attempts to give to the letter and spirit of international law directed Western regime-change plans in them is not acceptable to countries of legitimacy, continues to oppose by veto, and otherwise the geostrategic world war preparations of theZionist NATO decided to counter.

Addendum: Britain ‘s ambassador to the UN hofft, Lyall Grant, according to China with oil interests – to be able to extort consent for regime change in Syria – ie the oil of the GCC.

University. Prof. Dr. Günter Meyer in Bayern2 interview, 

  1. comes to similar conclusions.

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