GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012.

GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012..

This network was operating under different names in different countries, such as “Gladio” in Italy, but all were from the beginning on under strict US and UK control and command. (6) While these stay behinds remained relatively dormant in some countries, such as Denmark, the units in countries such as Belgium, Italy, Turkey and other countries were active in NATO Intelligence operations in the fight against those perceived as”internal enemies“. Those active “Stay Behind Units” were committing false flag terror attacks that would be blamed on a “radical communist left” in Europe, including Turkey. NATO´s stay behinds were among other involved in the 1980 bombing of the Octoberfest in Munich, and the infamous bombing of the Bologna Railway Station. Countless civilians were murdered by these NATO Controlled Underground Armies.(ibid)

A BBC Documentary from 1992 that is featuring interviews with former NATO Intelligence Operatives as well as members of the secretive stay behind networks is documenting the cynical murder of civilians and school children in Belgium by NATO´s stay behinds, and countless other murderous atrocities. (7) The full documentary is embedded below the online edition of this article. As mentioned above, the documentary was first aired after the end of the cold war, implicitly insinuating that times were changing for the better, now the cold war was over. It was time for you to have your fraudulent popular catharsis induced on you. It would be naive to expect any BBC documentary not to fulfill a function of social control. Before we make the leap to the next covert NATO war, Yugoslavia, let us have a look at an example of internal political control by NATO false flag terrorism.

The US American Historian, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Ph. D., investigated the kidnapping and assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro for the Italian Government. Tarpley and the Italian government came to the conclusion that the kidnappers of Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who purportedly were members of the Italian “Brigade Rosse” in fact were members of the Italian NATO Stay Behind network called Gladio, and acting on orders of NATO Intelligence. The kidnapping and assassination of Moro was planned and executed by NATO Intelligence and Gladio with the purpose to raise sufficient anti-socialist and anti-communist sentiment in the Italian population and among Italian parliamentarians, to stop the creation of an Italian Coalition Government that included the Italian Communist Party. Webster G. Tarpley´s book, now out of print, is a classic and reflected in many of his other writings. (8)

Bin Laden – CIA From Afghanistan to Yugoslavia and Back Again.

During the cold war, the Pentagon and NATO planners needed allies in a war against the former USSR in Central Asia. The Strategic goals were the encirclement of the USSR and China in Central Asia, forcing the USSR into a war in Afghanistan that would deplete it´s military and economic resources, and threaten it´s supply of energy. The main strategist behind this covert war on the USSR and China was no other than contemporary US President Obama´s security adviser Zbigniev Brzezinski, who boasts of having “created” the war in Afghanistan and who has the declared goal to lead the USA and NATO into a global confrontation with Russia and China. This goals and related strategies are arrogantly and explicitly explained in his books The Grand Chessboard, (9) and The Geopolitical Triad. (10) Brzezinski boasts that he created Islamic Fundamentalism, i.e. the Taliban and Al Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden during the Carter Administration in 1979. (11) Al Qaeda was then, and is up until this day one of NATO´s secret mercenary armies; the next generation after Gladio so to speak. Like thestay behind network, it is dependent on utility if it is used as either friend or foe, and it is used under a cohort of euphemisms or scapegoating brand names such as Al Qaeda, Bosnian Freedom Fighters, Kosovo Liberation Army, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Tripoli Military Councel, and Free Syrian Army.

Before anyone, even inside Yugoslavia, had heard much about the eruption of ethnic violence to such a degree that it could have been called a “civil war” that could split the nation of Yugoslavia into small, easily controllable statelets, the former German Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher and the BND were already begun to arrange arms shipments to former Croatian National Socialists. Both the newly re-united Germany and the USA, by means of respectively the BND and CIA, were heavily involved in the financing and arming of terrorist networks in former Yugoslavia, including the Checka, the UCK, and not to forget, the CIA Created, Osama Bin Laden led Al Qaeda, whose holy warriors were welcomed as heroes by the first Bosnian President, Izebekovitch, and the Kosovo Crime Cartel that was re-branded as Kosovo Liberation Army. The humanitarian contribution to bringing human rights and democracy to the people of Yugoslavia by means of NATO´s secret armies were such noble acts as the countless beheadings, systematic rapes, massacres and other war crimes. Many of them would later, conveniently to be blamed on Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslavian and Serbian Military High Command, and the entire People of Serbia. (12) (Video embedded below online edition of this article ) (13)  With some diligence it is possible to inform yourself about the fact that your government has no scruples murdering innocent civilians, andyour child in cold blood. The people in the image above were somebody´s child too, and could have been your´s.

It is so unpleasant and disturbing to confront oneself with this fact, that the most likely response would be to say “Yes but that was after WW II and during the cold war. Angela Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, Erdogan, Rasmussen, and others would never allow such things.”

And you also know precisely why you are likely to think so. The closer the murders of your own government begin to hit to your home, the more unpleasant is it to be confronted with the fact. It is this very response, known to every governments security experts, that leads people into letting themselves become victims. Cognitive dissonance, anyone ?

Now let us have a brief look at the unpleasant notion that contemporary US and European political leaders could have anything to do with murdering your child. Below are a few examples, and many more could be provided. If this article does nothing else but inspiring the reader to use due diligence at investigating the background of any person he or she would be voting for at the next election and to voice his or her concerns when discovering murderous treason, we would already be making the world a much safer place for your child.

Late 2011, Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan gained the sympathy of many Palestinians and progressive people worldwide who are in support of peace and justice for the People of Palestine, by severing all diplomatic, military and trade ties with Israel, after Israeli troops committed an act of piracy and murdered nine Turkish citizens on a Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel that was registered in Turkey. We will get back to the events on the Mavi Mamara in greater detail a little later on. For now we just ask the question if this gentleman, who just seemed to have shown courage and integrity in politics and diplomacy would ever cooperate with any of these murderous secret NATO armies, such as the Taliban or Al Qaeda ? The straight forward answer is yes, and we do have an article and a video to prove his long standing relations with both. The video was published in the article Syria, the Cradle of Civilization, and Potentially the Beginning of Civilizations End, on nsnbc, late 2011. (14)

Would a Danish Prime Minister, and a Chairman of a Danish party represented in parliament really have long standing ties to the Taliban ? Would Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who until late 2011 was the Prime Minister of Denmark be known for having been photographed in Afghanistan, together with his Taliban buddies, boasting an AK-47 assault rifle ? Yes in deed. He is also known by Russian Intelligence Services for having taken part in annual demonstrations in front of the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen. Rasmussen took part in these annual “Afghan Freedom Fighter Fundraisers” together with his buddy Pia Kjærsgaard, who is now the Chairman of the populist and xenophobic Danish People´s Party. And both are known for having organized substantial financial aid for this “terrorist organization” which NATO is currently fighting in Afghanistan, as a pretext for NATO presence in the region and the encircle Russia and China. (15)

But what about US-President Barak Hussein Obama ? Besides the very fact that he has Zbigniev Brzezinski, who admittedly created the Taliban and Al Qaeda during the Carter Administration (ibid.), let us have a look at his bosom body, former Weather Underground  terrorist Bill Ayers.(16) (17) For sure, the now college professor who planted bombs at police stations, and advocated such illustrious political principles as ” kill your parents; kill all the rich people,  bring the revolution home” and other pseudo-revolutionary slogans which can only be invented by an imbecilic, or by an intelligence agent who is fulfilling the function to discredit any true revolutionary or social movement within the USA is a perfect bosom body for a man with the launch codes of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles ?  Ayers did not spend real prison time for his crimes. Does that tell you something when thinking about a nation that seems to be obsessed with incarcerating people? And would you believe that Barak Hussein Obama would hesitate to have your child murdered by one of NATO´s covert armies in cold blood ?

And back again.

Belhadj – The Enemy Image

Do you really belong to the minority of people who still believe that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were committed by 19 hijackers, armed with box-cutters, under the command of the “terrorist” Osama Bin Laden, operating from a cave in Afghanistan, defeating the worlds most sophisticated defense systems ? Sorry, but I am just asking, because there are really some people who even after ten years have not done their homework as a citizen. I do however hope, that the evidence provided so far has demonstrated for you that both Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are creatures of the CIA and NATO ? If so, I am convinced that you will manage the 9/11 research on your own if you haven´t done so already. What is important is, that parts of the US Administration, together with elements of the deep state, NATO and other countries intelligence services murdered 3.000 people in New York and Washington, with the intention to create a pretext for a new invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. And this time, Al Qaeda and the Taliban were to play the role of enemy.

An enemy that was no longer under the leadership of an ailing Osama Bin Laden who had to dye twice before NATO propaganda experts would finally let him rest in peace. The enemy came increasingly under the leadership of a man of many names. A man that had been grromed into position for decades. One of the names he uses, besides Hasadi, Hasidi and a cohort of other, is Abdelhakim Belhadj. The Belhadj, who had fought US troops in Afghanistan, murdered Serbs in Yugoslavia, organized the murder of US troops in Iraq to create a pretext for the continued occupation of the country by the USA and other jobs. A man who without doubt is one of NATO Intelligence highest ranking mercenary officers. A man who is now in command of NATO´s new friends in Libya and Syria as the commander of the Tripoli Military Counsel (18) and the NATO liaison to the Free Syrian Army.(19) Abdelhakim Belhadj, who according to historian Webster Griffin Tarpley and former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar also has been involved in the Madrid Train Bombings that killed scores of innocent Spanish civilians and facilitated Spain´s continued participation in the “war on terror“. (ibid.)

Do you still believe that your government won´t hesitate to murder your child ? One has to give it to the people at the Pentagon and NATO Headquarters in Belgium though; they are somewhat creative at inventing new and easily salable names for the operations that murder us.

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