Syria – Iran; Bombs from Berlin or Peace from the People

Syria – Iran; Bombs from Berlin or Peace from the PeoplePosted on January 5, 2012 Bernd Duschner, grew up in Post-WW II Germany. The Germany that said “Never Again” to war. The war on Vietnam, with air raids planned on US-Bases in Western Germany, and an education and role models based on humanitarian principles inspired a life of work for peace. Bernd Duschner has written a petition against the aggressions against Syria and Iran. A petition that was signed by prominent German scholars, intellectuals, entertainers, and other public figures in Germany. The UN-Sanctioned, NATO war on Serbia was a chock that inspired him to take part in arranging aid deliveries, invitations of Serbian youth to inform German citizens about the reality of war. With Libya devastated after an illegal war waged on it by NATO and the abuse of UNSC-Resolution 1973 2011 fresh in mind; with the prospect of a war on Syria and Iran at hand, Bernd Duschner and the co-signatories of the petition largely represent the section of the German population that has understood that Western corporate and state controlled media systematically dehumanize and demonize the next victims of NATO aggression, hoping that their names will encourage others to take the time to inform themselves. The dichotomy between the Bombs from Berlin and the demand for Peace from the People is a product of cynical social engineering.The petition styled to the Federal Government of Germany demands that the Federal Government:unconditionally and immediately end the embargo measures against Iran and Syria;clarifies that it will in no way or form take part in a war against these nations, and that it will not sanction the use of German installations by the USA or NATO for an aggression;that it engages on international level towards the ending of the politics of blackmail, and threat of war against Iran and Syria;

via Syria – Iran; Bombs from Berlin or Peace from the People.

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