Hamas and Turkish Ambitions of Empire

Hamas and Turkish Ambitions of Empire.

Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have maneuvered themselves into an almost perfect state of dependence from Israel, the USA and E.U. is tragic and has brought nothing but a continuation of an extermination policy that is euphemistically called “roadmap to peace” or “peace process”. The quagmire of the People of Palestine seems to be that the so called power sharing in Palestine leaves th people with the choice to elect either a Fatah that has been co-opted by Israel and NATO, or Hamas, which is being co-opted by Turkey, Israel, and NATO, while the PFLP, DFLP, who represent Palestine and Palestinians within a Pan-Arab Socialist movement that would be best to serve Palestinian Interests are marginalized.

The prospect of an implementation of “A Palestinian Cause” as perceived by the very Erdogan government that is waging a war against Syria, which is Palestine´s most long standing ally and advocate could spell as much disaster as the belief that Israel is a partner for peace. In fact, should the role of Turkey be that of the Trojan Horse that leads Palestinian parties to believe that they can achieve Palestinian sovereignty by co-operating with NATO and NATO backed operatives, then Palestinians will be set up for a rude awakening to the same reality of terror and tyranny as the People of Libya are experiencing after their “liberation”


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