The press conference held by Syrian Foreign Minister,Walid Al Muallem

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said “The Arab League (AL) decision on suspending Syria’s membership and the other provisions it has included constitute a very dangerous step on the present and future of the joint Arab action and on the goals and role of the AL.”

Speaking at a press conference held in Damascus on Monday, al-Moallem added “After Syria agreed on the Arab initiative, an unprecedented media escalation started and the armed operations were accelerated on the ground…The US statements constituted a provocation for the foreign interference in Syria without any response from the Arab League,”

Al-Moallem said “The AL decision shouldn’t have been taken in respect to the events taking place on the ground…Syria proposed holding an emergency summit to address the current crisis and its repercussions and it welcomed the visit of the committee…Syria is currently passing through a crisis and it pays the price for its firm stances and honest Arabism ”

“We are determined to carry out the Arab work plan as it comes in line with the plan of the Syrian leadership on stopping the violence…The Arab work plan must be accompanied by monitoring the borders by the neighboring countries to prevent weapons smuggling and to stop financing the armed terrorist groups,” he added.

He went on saying “Syria has always dealt with the reform and dialogue files, in addition to stopping the bloodshed of the Syrian citizens with complete openness as it recognizes the size of the conspiracy on one hand and it also realizes the importance of its people’s unity in all of their spectrums to face this conspiracy.”

“The Syrian leadership considers that the dialogue held in an atmosphere of civil peace is the basis for a dignified life it wants for the Syrians…On this basis, Syria deals with complete openness with any brotherly or friendly efforts which contribute to activating dialogue and supporting the reform process.” Al-Moallem clarified.

The Minister added:” We are committed to the joint Arab action since Syria is the beating heart of Arabism and there would be no joint Arab action without it.
He stressed that the Libyan scenario not to repeat in Syria and there isn’t any justification to be repeated.

Minister al-Moallem said ” Syria can’t give up the joint Arab action because it is a founder of the AL as it can’t abandon its pan-Arab role pertaining the Palestinian cause where it offered material and human sacrifices and lost the occupied Golan for that, inquiring what the others offered for that.

He said the state duty is to defend civilians and confront the armed groups.

” Our relationship with Iran is firm and strategic and not at the expense of our relationship with any Arab country,” the Minister said, adding” There is no limits for booting our relationship with Russia to be a model of the strategic relations at all levels,”

He went on to say ” We believe in the joint Arab action to contribute to the solution but the solution is a Syrian one,”

” We were truthful in implementing the Arab work plan but the others intentions were not sincere,” he said, adding that” the most important thing is to stop the media instigation which we don’t know its source, ”

Al-Moallem said: “The Arab economic sanctions against Syria are shameful and unprecedented action by the Arab League

 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem urged Arab cooperation to control the borders if you direct contact with the leaders of the militants, especially the flow from Turkey as well as off remittances from the Gulf States and stop media incitementعاجل || وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلمطلبنا تعاون العرب لضبط الحدود ان لم يكن لكم اتصال مباشر بقيادات المسلحين وخاصة التدفق من تركيا وكذلك ايقاف التحويلات المالية من دول الخليج وايقاف التحريض
The Syrian Arab army is the one protecting the Syrian people from armed terrorist groups.It is lack of modesty to mention the Syrian Arab army in the AL resolution, and we shift Henry Levi’s declaration to the AL .
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem:
No one talks about war on Iran… Iran is not an easy country
… Syria cannot abandon her Arabism role in Palestine case.. it is the case of every Syrian house… Syria lost a lot for Palestine, even lost Golan for Palestine, that is why we are holding to the combined Arab work, and here i would like to ask you… what did the Arab League do for Palestine???
There is no limit for enhancing our relations with Russia.
About the damages to the embassies and consulates in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia.. me as a foreign minister apologies for that, and ask our Syrian people to not do that in the Future..
Syria will defend every part of her soils, and i rule out the Turkish brothers would set a no-fly zone area.
Our relationship with Turkey depends on Turkey itself, if they want to stop their aggressiveness, then we are ready.. and if they want to conspire.. we are ready as well.
renewed his call for the citizens to turn in their weapons in Homs and Idleb, and promised swift amnesty for all those who didn’t commit crimes.
We were promised at “Adoha” that the bias media and religious instigation would stop… but we were surprised that it had increased.During Eid Al Adha, i have called the Arab League ministers, and their attitude then is opposite to their attitude during the AL meeting..
Withdrawing ambassadors is a sovereignty decision… we will not interfere in it.

Al Muallem in response to the question: Would Syria strike Israel?Al Muallem: “Syria wants to solve her crisis .. not escape from it”
USA asked Al Arabs to impose economical and political sanctions over Syria… and they agreed.
I will not participate in “Ribat” conference.
…  Alarabiya is Al Jazeera’s sister, and if they both try to scare the Syrian people.. then the Syrian people is well aware
I assure you and the Syrian people that will not be repeated and that the Libyan scenario is what happened in Libya, not what is happening now in Syria ..
to put an initiative of the Arab League and Arab solution is derived from giving us a final opportunity for them
We are proud of our people, who expressed his position yesterday … it is the paper alternative to the steadfastness of the Syrian
all the rumors about buffer zones is not true and just media propaganda and people know it.
economic sanctions are shameful and unprecedented in the Arab League.
Syria will emerge stronger thanks to the awareness of its people and national cohesion.
history will not have mercy on one. طلبنا تعاون العرب لضبط الحدود ان لم يكن لكم اتصال مباشر بقيادات المسلحين وخاصة التدفق من تركيا وكذلك ايقاف التحويلات المالية من دول الخليج وايقاف التحريض الاعلامي
قمة قلة الحياء الاشارة في القرار العربي الى الجيش العربي السوري ونحيل كلام هنري ليفي الى امانة الجامعة العربية
رفع غطاء الجامعة العربية عن سوريا لن يجعلنا نبرد أبدا” …خاصة أنه قد ظهر أن هذا الغطاء مهترء !!!لا حـدود لعـلاقتنـا مـع روسيـا.الأزمة في سوريا في بداية النهاية
نستبعد أن يعمد الأتراك للتدخل في سوريا عسكرياً ونحن مستعدون لكل الاحتمالات.
نحن نشكر روسيا والصين والهند وجنوب افريقيا والبرازيل ولبنان على موقفهم ولاحدود لعلاقتنا مع روسيا ويمكن أن تتطور في جميع الاتجاهات.
هل هناك قلة حياء أكبر من دعوة الجيش لعدم التورط في قتل المدنيين وهل نسوا تضحياته العربية وهل نسوا أنه يمثل حماة الديار وأنه يحمي المدنيين ولايقتلهم وعليهم أن يخجلوا من موقفهم.
إذا كان ليفي يهدد فأهلا وسهلاً.
العربية اخت الجزيرة وما تبثه لمحاولة اخافة الشعب السوري فاشل .. فالشعب السوري واعي.نحن نمارس الدبلوماسية الهادئة ونتحمل كل أنواع الضغوط ونتعامل معها بكل هدوء وحكمة لأننا نثق بأن الزمن سيعيد الاخرين الى رشدهم.
رداً على احتمال حرب على اسرائيل لانهاء الازمة السورية؟؟
الجهود السورية منصبة على معالجة الأزمة الراهنة وليس الهروب منها

El ministro de Exteriores y Emigrados, Walid al-Moalem, dijo que la decisión de suspensión de la membrecía de Siria en el Consejo de la Liga Árabe constituye un paso sumamente grave para el presente y futuro de la acción árabe conjunta y la misma funcionalidad de la Liga de Estados Árabes. Al-Moalem destacó que a raíz de la anuencia siria a la Iniciativa Árabe se llevó a cabo una escalada mediática sin precedentes y una intensificación de las acciones armadas sobre el terreno. Nuestro canciller agregó que las declaraciones estadounidenses conformaron una instigación para una intervención extranjera en Siria sin que ello tuviese reacción alguna de parte de la Liga Árabe. Al-Moalem precisó que Siria trata con los expedientes de reforma y diálogo con una total apertura puesto que está consciente de la tamaña conjura y de la importancia de preservar la cohesión del pueblo frente a ella. El jefe de la diplomacia siria agregó que la dirección política en Siria cree que el diálogo en un clima de paz civil es la base para la vida digna anhelada por todos los sirios, y por tanto Siria recibe con toda apertura cualquier esfuerzo de los hermanos y amigos que contribuya a activar el diálogo y apuntalar el proceso de reforma. Al-Moalem hizo alusión a la posición rusa y china que goza de la gratitud del pueblo sirio, y “tal postura no cambió gracias a la coordinación y cooperación continua”, precisó. Añadió también que Rusia quiere desempeñar un rol en la Conferencia del Diálogo Nacional prevista a celebrarse. Al-Moalem remarcó que el pueblo sirio no tiene que preocuparse del tema de la internacionalización. El sostuvo que con el paso del tiempo de desvela la trama y “nosotros intuimos una buena fe en los líderes árabes por eso Siria ha convocado a una cumbre extraordinaria” constató. Al-Moalem afirmó que el guión libio no se repetirá en Siria y no hay ninguna justificación para que se repita. El mismo agregó: “nosotros nos aferramos a la acción árabe conjunta porque Siria es el corazón latiente de la arabidad y no habrá acción conjunta sin ella”, puesto que “Siria no podrá renunciar a su rol panárabe en la cuestión palestina porque esta es la causa de cada hogar en Siria que ha hecho sacrificios materiales y humanos y perdió el Golán por ella, y ahora me pregunto ¿qué sacrificios han hecho los demás? Y por eso tenemos ese apego a la acción árabe conjunta”, matizó. Al-Moalem sentenció que Siria no puede renunciar a la acción árabe conjunta porque es un Estado fundador de la Liga Árabe. El titular puso de relieve que es un deber del Estado proteger a los ciudadanos y hacer frente a los grupos terroristas armados, pues “Siria es un Estado soberano y defenderá cada palmo de su territorio nacional”, advirtió. Al-Moalem concluyó diciendo que la tendencia de la crisis no es ascendente, todo lo contrario pues nos encaminamos hacia sus términos.

Dans une conférence de presse tenue ce matin, M. al-Mouallem a indiqué qu’après l’accord de la Syrie sur l’initiative arabe on a assisté à une escalade médiatique sans précédent et des opérations militaires sur la terre.Il a ajouté que les déclarations américaines ont formé une incitation pour l’intervention étrangère en Syrie sans avoir aucune réponse de la part de la Ligue arabe.Le chef de la diplomatie syrienne a indiqué que la Syrie traite ouvertement avec les dossiers de la réforme, du dialogue et de l’injection du sang des citoyens et réalise le volume du complot, et d’autre part elle saisit l’importance de l’unité du peuple pour y faire face.”La Direction syrienne voit que le dialogue dans un climat de paix civile est la base d’une vie décente pour les Syriens”, a-t-il indiqué, ajoutant que la Syrie traite ouvertement avec tout effort d’une partie frère ou d’un ami pour contribuer à la réactivation du dialogue et au soutien de la marche de réforme.En ce qui concerne les positions de la Russie et de la Chine, M. al-Mouallem a souligné que ces positions n’ont pas changé tant que la coordination et la coopération persistent avec les deux pays.Il a ajouté que la Russie veut jouer un rôle dans la conférence du dialogue national.”Pas de limites à notre relations avec la Syrie pour qu’elles soient un exemple à suivre dans les relations stratégiques dans les différents domaines”, a indiqué M. al-Mouallem.En ce qui concerne les relations avec l’Iran, M. al-Mouallem a affirmé que ces relations sont constantes et solides er ne sont pas au détriments des relations de la Syrie avec n’importe quel pays arabe”, a indiqué M. al-Mouallem.Il a invité, à cet effet, le peuple syrien à ne pas s’inquiéter de la question de l’internationalisation.Passant à l’action arabe commune, M. al-Mouallem a affirmé que la Syrie ne peut pas abandonner son rôle national dans la cause palestinienne qui est la cause de chaque maison syrienne, rappelant que la Syrie a consenti des sacrifices matériels et humains et perdu le Golan en faveur de cette question alors que les autres n’ont rien donné.”La Syrie ne peut pas abandonner l’action arabe commune car elle est un Etat institutionnel dans la ligue arabe”, a-t-il dit.Par ailleurs, M. al-Mouallem a fait noter qu’il est du devoir de l’Etat de protéger ses citoyens et de faire face aux groupes terroristes armés, ajoutant que la Syrie est un Etat de souveraineté et elle la défendra ainsi que chaque pouce de sa terre.M. al-Mouallem a affirmé, à cet effet, que pas d’escalade de la crise mais au contraire elle se dirige vers sa fin, soulignant que les efforts de la Syrie sont centrés sur le traitement de la crise et non pas sur le moyen de la fuir.Dışişleri ve Gurbetçiler Bakanı Velid el-Muallim bugün saat 11’de basın konferansı düzenledi.Muallim; Arap Liginin Suriye’nin üyeliği konusunda aldığı kararın Arap ortak çalışmasıyla birlikte Arap Ligi kurumunun amaçları ve rolü için günümüzde ve gelecekte tehlike teşkil edecek bentler içerdiğini dile getirdi. Suriye’nin Arap Çözüm Girişimi belgesini onaylamasından sonra silahlı terör gruplarının ve medya saldırılarının beklenmedik bir şekilde tırmandırıldığını belirten Muallim; Arap Çözüm Girişimi Belgesinin imzalamasının hemen ardından ABD yönetiminin yaptığı açıklamaların Suriye’ye yönelik provokasyon ve dış müdahale teşkil etmesine rağmen Arap Liginden bu konuyla ilgili hiçbir cevap gelmediğini dile getirdi.Suriye’nin reform, diyalog ve akan kanın durdurulması dosyalarıyla açık bir şekilde teamül ettiğine ve edeceğine dikkat çeken Muallim; Suriye’nin kendisine yönelik kurulan komplonun hacmini ve bu komploya karşı mücadelede halkın birlik-bütünlüğünün taşıdığı önemi idrak ettiğini aktardı.Suriye yönetiminin; diyalogu, Suriyelilerin istediği sosyal barış ortamında onurlu yaşamın temeli olarak gördüğünü açıklayan Muallim; bu görüşe bağlı olarak Suriye’nin diyalog ve reformu etkinleştirmeye katkı sağlayacak bütün kardeş ve dost çabalarla açık bir şekilde işbirliği yaptığını beyan etti.Rusya’nın, düzenlenmesi kararlaştırılan ulusal diyalog konferansında rol almak istediğini belirten Muallim; Suriye halkının uluslararasılaşma konusundan kaygı duymaması gerektiğine işaret etti. Gün geçtikçe komplo projesinin daha fazla gün ışığına çıktığını beyan eden Muallim; Arap liderlerle ilgili iyi niyetten hareketle Suriye’nin Arap Ligine acil olağan üstü toplantı çağrısında bulunduğunu kaydetti. Libya senaryosunun tekrar edilmesinin hiçbir meşruluğu bulunmadığını vurgulayan Muallim; Araplığın kalbi ve nabzı olan Suriye’nin Arap ortak çalışmasına tutunduğuna işaret ederek Suriye olmadan bir Arap ortak çalışmasından söz edilemeyeceğini dile getirdi.Suriye’nin Filistin davasında ve bütün Suriyelilerin davalarındaki ulusal rolünden vazgeçemeyeceğinin altını çizen Muallim; Suriye’nin ulusal davalarda büyük ölçüde beşeri fedakarlıklar sunduğuna, Golan topraklarını kaybettiğine ışık tutarak bu fedakarlıkları ve kayıpları nedeniyle Suriye’nin Arap ortak çalışmasına sımsıkı tutunduğunu ifade etti. Arap ortak çalışması için başkalarının ne fedakarlık yaptığını soran Muallim; Suriye’nin Arap Liginde kurucu devlet olmasının da Arap ortak çalışmasından vazgeçmeyeceğinin temel nedenlerinden birini teşkil ettiğini dile getirdi.Vatandaşları korumanın ve silahlı terör gruplarına karşı koymanın devletin görevlerinden biri olduğunu anlatan Muallim; Suriye’nin her karış toprağına bağımsız egemenliği olan bir devlet olduğunu belirterek bu egemenliği çerçevesinde her karış toprağını savunacağını aktardı. Krizin tırmanması gibi bir durum bulunmadığını tam tersine krizin sonuna yaklaşıldığını bildiren Muallim; Rusya, Çin, Güney Afrika, Lübnan, Hindistan ve Brezilya’ya BM’deki tutumlarından dolayı teşekkürlerini sunarak Rusya ile ilişkilerin stratejik ilişkilere örnek teşkil edecek düzeye gelmesi yönünde pekiştirmekte sınır tanımayacaklarını kaydetti. İran’la stratejik ilişkilerin güçlü ve sabit olduğuna değinin Muallim; İran’la ilişkilerin Arap devletlerle ilişkiler hesabına geliştirilmediğini dile getirdi. Suriye halkının bütün kesimleriyle meydanlara çıkarak Arap Ligi kararını kınamasının bütün dünyaya Suriye halkının birlik ve bütünlük içerisinde olduğu mesajını ilettiğini söyleyen Muallim; Suriye’nin kahraman ordusunun büyük bir güce sahip olduğunu sözlerine ekledi.

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