In the middle of events-Syria

Satayhi Briefs Romanian Delegation on Current Situation…Syria Going Ahead with Reform

Oct 30, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Member of the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and Head of the Media and Foreign Relations Bureau, Haitham Satayhi, on Sunday met with the Romanian media delegation and members of the Syrian Community in Romania visiting Syria.

currently Satayhi briefed the Romanian delegation on the intentional misleading media coverage of the developments in Syria, saying that the political war on Syria is a media war in the first place and there are some people who built their stance according to false information broadcast by instigative satellite channels.

He called upon the delegation members to inspect the reality of what is happening in Syria and convey the real image objectively.

He presented a comprehensive review of the situation in Syria, saying that the leadership is moving ahead with the political and economic reform process, with giving the priority for restoring security and stability and ensuring the appropriate atmosphere to achieve reforms.

Satayhi stressed that all parties without exceptions are invited to participate in the comprehensive national dialogue conference due to be held soon, indicating that the conference will help draw Syria’s future in the next stage in light of preserving the national interest.

He added that a modern draft constitution that ensures democratic life and political pluralism will be prepared soon, side by side with the parties and other new laws which will ensure equal political participation for all parties in the framework of the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Regarding the events taking place in Syria, Satayhi noted that some regional and international sides took these events as an excuse to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs under claims of spreading democracy with the aim to destroy its national unity and stability and establish the so-called “The New Middle East” project.

He pointed out that the foreign-backed fundamentalist and extremist forces operating in Syria and their exploitation of the popular movement in Syria have nothing to do with democracy.

Romanian and English Delegations Inspect Reality of Events in Hama

Oct 31, 2011

HAMA, (SANA) – Romanian and English media delegations on Monday visited Hama city and inspected the sabotage acts committed by the armed terrorist groups such as burning the Justice Palace, the Officers’ Club and some police centers.

Head of the Romanian delegation As’aad Selman said “our visit to Hama is to see the reality on the ground and convey the real image of the situation in Syria and the misleading media campaign it faces by some satellite channels.”

Meeting the two delegations, Hama governor Anas al-Na’em hailed the Syrian army role in protecting the civilians from the armed terrorist groups, adding that these groups terrified citizens and committed all kinds of terrorism such as sniping, sabotage, kidnapping and planting explosives.

Al-Na’em stressed that all rumors that law-enforcement forces target civilians and children are untrue and they constitute part of the misleading media campaign to distort facts about what is taking place in Syria, serving the conspiracy aimed at undermining its stability and national stances in support of the resistance and to control its resources.

In turn, Attorney General-designate Ismael Shareifeh indicated that the 2000 people brought to trail in Hama events have been released except those who committed sabotage acts.

Al-Abrash Briefs Romanian Delegation on Reality of Situation in Syria and the Conspiracy Against It

Nov 01, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Dr. Mahmoud al-Abrash on Tuesday briefed a delegation consisting of Romanian journalists and members of the Syrian community in Romania on the reality of the situation in Syria and the conspiracy targeting its stances in support of Arab causes and the resistance.

Al-Abrash pointed out to the scale of the media attack on the part of biased satellite channels that aim to distort fact and cause instigation to undermine Syria’s security and stability and spread chaos in it.

The Speaker indicated to the crimes perpetrated by armed terrorist groups in some areas and the Syrian Army’s efforts to preserve the security and safety of citizens, affirming that Syria will emerge from the crisis soon thanks to the awareness of its people and their rejection of interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

He also answered the Romanian journalists’ queries regarding the parties responsible for what is happening in Syria.

Members of Syrian Community in Romania Support Homeland, Convey Real Incidents to Romanians

Nov 03, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Members of the Syrian community in Romania stressed their keenness to convey the real image of the events taking place in their homeland, paying visits to different parts of the country.

Head of the Syrian Businessmen Council in Romania, Haitham Ibrahim, on Wednesday said during a meeting with Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Abdul-Fattah Ammoura, that the community members have held several meetings with Romanian figures, clarifying to them the real incidents taking place in some parts of Syria.

“We came to express our support to the comprehensive reform program conducted in the country, and we totally stand by the state, as well as the people in rejecting any sort of foreign meddling in our country’s internal affairs,” Ibrahim said in a statement to SANA.

Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister, for his part, reviewed the nature of the events as well as the reform program led by the Syrian leadership.

Ammoura affirmed that the reform process is underway according to identified timetable, and that the national dialogue is being held with the participation of all sections of the Syrian society to reach prospective visions that would enhance the country’s future.

“The media war targeting the country is being launched in light of its frustrated attempt to undermine Syria’s national and pan-Arab stances, as some TV channels do not abide by the least level of ethics or objectivity, broadcasting provocative reports and fabricated news,” said Ammoura, adding that the Syrian people are going to overcome the crisis thanks to their awareness and patriotism.

Representatives of Popular Front for Change and Liberation: Rejecting Foreign Interference in Syrian Internal Affairs

The delegation of Romanian journalists and members of the Syrian community in Romania, which is visiting Syria, and representatives of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, Dr. Qadri Jamil and Dr. Ali Haidar, discussed the situation in Syria and the necessary solutions to solve the crisis and prevent foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

Jamil called for settling the current situation away from foreign interference and tackling the shortcomings that the enemies can exploit.

Jamil said that calls for foreign interference in Syria are unacceptable, adding that fighting corruption is not only the state’s responsibility, but also a social duty that can be achieved through allowing society to assume the role of supervisor in this process.

Dr. Haidar called for a serious dialogue to solve the crisis in everyone’s interests, considering that the crisis is originated in the mentality and modes of thinking.

The delegation is comprised of 75 members of the Syrian community in Romania and a number of journalists who responded to the invitation of the Syrian Expatriates Association to inspect the reality of events in Syria. Delegation of Syrian Community in Italy Launches Campaign to Support Syrian Pound

A delegation of the Syrian community in Italy said Syria is targeted by a foreign conspiracy and media war aimed at undermining its sovereignty and support to resistance.

The members of the delegation, who opened bank accounts at the Commercial Bank of Syria in a move intended to support the Syrian pound and national economy, expressed readiness to shoulder their responsibility in this regard.

Youssef Hallak, a businessman, said “The move is the least we can do when compared to the sacrifices of the army and people against the conspiracy,” calling upon expatriates to support national economy.

The delegation met Chairman of Syrian Journalists’ Union Elias Murad who said the Syrian national media is involved in a major challenge against the anti-Syria media campaign led by Arab and foreign channels.

He added that the national media has played an effective role in exposing the scope of media fabrication and became the most reliable source of information to the Syrians.

During the visit to the Lawyers’ Syndicate, the delegation stressed that the visit is aimed at conveying the real image of the situation to the Italian public opinion.

Chief Lawyer Nizar Skeif briefed the delegation on the legislative revolution in Syria at the social, political and economic levels over the past years.

Head of the delegation, Chairman of the Syrian community in Italy Jamal Abu Abbas said Syria is targeted by a foreign conspiracy promoted by unfair media.

Romanian Delegation Visits Injured Officers in Tishreen Hospital, Meets Damascus Chamber of Commerce

Oct 29, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – A Romanian delegation consisting of journalists and figures from the Syrian community in Romania visited Tishreen Hospital on Saturday and listened to the accounts of injured army personnel that contradict the media misdirection of a number of Arab and foreign satellite channels.

The delegation members interviewed some of the wounded men who related how they would be shot at without provocation by gunmen who used machineguns, explosives and snipers, with several of them being shot while driving while others were ambushed.

The Romanian journalists said that the sight of the wounded soldiers showed that underwent intense, warlike confrontations, and that the accounts they heard and the injures prove the existence of gunmen and serious acts of violence, expressing hope that Syria will emerge from the crisis soon.

In a meeting with the delegation, Director of Tishreen Hospital Dr. Fayssal Hasan pointed out that the number of army martyrs reached 600 two weeks ago along with 3,000 injured people, adding that the hospital treated injured military personnel and civilians and even arrested members of terrorist groups who received full treatment.

The delegation’s visit coincided with the funerals of nine martyrs killed by armed terrorist groups.

Damascus Chamber of Commerce: Syrians Will Overcome Repercussions of European-US Sanctions

Later, members of the Romanian delegation held a meeting with Damascus Chamber of Commerce during which Chairman of the Chamber Ghassan al-Qala’a affirmed that the European-US sanctions targeted all Syrians people, and that the Syrians will overcome their repercussions.

Al-Qala’a pointed out that sanctions are nothing new to Syria which overcame such conditions before, noting that those who imposed the sanctions didn’t achieve the intended results as sanctions won’t hinder Syrian traders who can function in even the most difficult circumstances, adding that economic sanctions doesn’t necessarily mean the cessation of commerce between Syria and any European country.

For their part, members of the delegation said that they can relate the true image of life in Syria as they can ask anyone in the street about how the sanctions actually affected every Syrian.

In turn, members of Damascus Chamber of Commerce said that the actions also affected European businessmen and their exports and imports, wondering how preventing the import of medicine counts as a humanitarian act.

In the past few months we heard the word “outrageous ” in all the speeches about Syria!Today,for the second time I felt impotent,furious and I couldn’t even cry!Tshreen Hospital_Damascus!Younger men than me,lying on that beds,badly wounded by so called peaceful,trying to tell us what happened…Ambulances ,making a terrible noise were leaving and comming,bringing new victims!The words can not show …the pain!All I can say is that at some point,when a colonel finished telling us what happend to him and his unit,in Hama ,I had the sensation that the floor cracked under my feet and I was falling down.A gun shot in his chest,he lost one eye from the explosion of a grenade thrown to their place !Three of his colegues died there,two on the way to the hospital!He survived…
Strange words: “a syrian arab army member survived after he was badly wounded defending syrian citizens of…syrian …can  you call the terrorists also syrians?”I can’t!!!

‎2 years old child, Sali Indraws, was shot by terrorist in Homs, Syria

Length: ‎0:28

Law Enforcement Members Injured by Gunmen’s Fire in Hama, Explosive Devices Dismantled in Douma and Abu Kamal

Oct 29, 2011

PROVINCES, (SANA)- A number of law enforcement forces members were injured on Friday by the gunfire of armed men in al-Qusour neighborhood in the central province of Hama.

An official source told SANA correspondent that the law enforcement members were injured in an attack by gunmen who opened fire on them while they were on duty.

An explosive device planted by armed terrorist groups was dismantled by a military engineering unit in Douma, Damascus Countryside.

SANA correspondent in Douma said that the device was found planted in a street near al-Shuhada Square.

An official source refuted the news broadcast by al-Jazeera TV about warplanes flying over the city and countryside of Homs province, central Syria, stressing the falseness of this news.

SANA correspondent quoted the source as saying that “citizens should compare between what they hear on al-Jazeera and other biased channels and what they see with their own eyes to realize the extent of lying and fabrication they rely on in their coverage of Syria’s news.”

The source said the aim of such untrue news is to provoke and incite the citizens and its comes in the framework of the conspiracy against Syria whose plotters, inside and outside, seek to incite the world public opinion and the international community against Syria.

In another context, a source at Aleppo Police Command also refuted news by al-Jazeera channel that protests took place in al-Hamadaniyeh neighborhood in the city, confirming this news is completely baseless and the city is living a normal Friday.

The source added that this news aims at spreading chaos after failing to drag the people of Aleppo into acts of sabotage and violence.

Director of the Telecommunication Establishment, Aleppo Branch, Eng. Kifah Lababidi, confirmed that communications are available all across the province, dismissing false news of al-Arabiya TV that they have been cut in the area of Marei, to the northeast of Aleppo.

Lababidi said this news is “completely untrue”, adding that any citizen can by himself make sure that the communications are available in all the areas and realize how far such tendentious channels have gone in lying in order to create chaos and harm the reputation of state institutions in the context of their instigative campaign against Syria.

Scores of Wanted Terrorists Arrested in Homs

Competent authorities in Homs arrested over the past couple of days scores of wanted terrorists, among them a dangerous terrorist in Taldaw.

An official source told SANA correspondent in Homs ”The arrested terrorist who was caught in a qualitative operation was responsible for several crimes such as the assassination of Nazem Ibrahim, an educator, blowing up the railway in Kazhal and attacking law-enforcement members and citizens in Taldaw.

”Quantities of weapons were also seized while tracking down the armed groups in al-Nazihin neighborhood in Homs, including automatic rifles, night binoculars and Israeli-made bombs,” the source added.

Engineering Units Dismantle Explosive Devices in Deir Ezzor Governorate

Engineering units in Deir Ezzor dismantled an explosive device weighing 3 kilograms.

The device was buried under the soil in front Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque in Abu Kamal downtown prepared to be detonated as people leave the mosque to cause the greatest number of deaths.

A second explosive device, weighing 25 kilograms, was also dismantled by the authorities in downtown Deir Ezzor city near the Electric Company.

The device was housed in an old fire extinguisher containing processed fertilizer, metal fragments, a detonator, electric wires, a battery and a remote detonator.

Ali Turkawi al-Ali’s Family: Our Father Was Murdered by Terrorists for Refusing to Join Protests and Bear Arms

Oct 29, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The children of Ali Turkawi al-Ali, from the village of al-Huwayja in al-Ghab area, on Saturday related the details of how an armed terrorist group murdered their 70 year-old father on a road near Jisr al-Shughour a month ago for refusing to bear arms against the Syrian army.

In an interview with the Syrian TV, Malek Ali Tukrkawi al-Ali said “terrorist killed my father on September 29th because he and his family refused to join protest,” adding that when the family learned of the crime they were threatened with murder, with terrorists placing bombs in front of houses, burning cars, demolishing houses, burning crops, shooting at a cow barn, and desecrating the father’s grave.

Malek said that the Syrian Army protected him and his family and escorted them out of the village for their own safety, saying “we’re not traitors… we didn’t take money from anyone like terrorist Mehiddin Ayan al-Zaim who took 40,000 dollars from people in Lebanon and distributed them among gunmen.”

In turn, Wassel Ali Turkawi al-Ali said that the terrorists who killed his father called them and negotiated over his murder, arranging a meeting with him and demanding that he sign a document saying that terrorist groups had nothing to do with his father’s murder and that the security forces killed him, adding “They told me to gather all 34 family members in front of a camera they had which broadcasted to al-Jazeera to say that in exchange for money… I refused, so they attacked my house at 3 AM and beat me up along with my family.”

Foreign Ministry Astonished at the Arab Ministerial Committee’s Reliance on Media Lies

Oct 29, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Saturday stated that Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem received a letter from Head of the Arab League Ministerial Committee late Friday including stances based on media lies broadcast by misleading instigation channels about what took place in Syria on Friday.

“It was supposed for the Head of the Ministerial Committee to contact Minister al-Moallem to verify the reality before announcing a stance by the Committee to be circulated by channels of instigation,” the Source said.

The source expressed the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s astonishment at adopting this way before one day of convening an agreed-upon meeting in Doha between the Syrian Government and the Ministerial Committee.

The source called on the Arab Ministerial Committee to benefit from the positive atmosphere that prevailed its meeting with President Bashar al-Assad, and to help ease the situation and reach a solution that contributes to realizing security and stability in Syria instead of string sedition.

The source underlined that Minister al-Moallem and the accompanying delegation will brief the Committee on the reality of the situation in Syria on Sunday.

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