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Syrien im Würgegriff

84dmz1Seit dem Frühling 2011 steht Syrien im Fokus der weltweiten Medienberichterstattung. Die Regierung gehe mit brutaler Gewalt gegen friedliche Demonstranten vor, so die Berichte im Westen. Geopolitisch befindet sich das Land in einer schwierigen Situation. Die Kriegsdrohungen gegen Damaskus werden immer lauter.

By:Manuel Ochsenreiter


God be with you, “Michael Moore preaches from New York to Syria. “I know that you will be successful.” The American filmmaker pushes the “Syrian pro-democracy movement,” the thumb. Michael Moore was best known for his harsh criticism of U.S. military operations against Afghanistan and Iraq. In Washington, he is considered a “linker”, as critics of the government, as a nuisance with a camera. Movies like “Bowling for Columbine” in which he takes a bead on U.S. gun lobby, Michael Moore made legendary. “Fahrenheit 9 / 11” in which he, the U.S. government under George W. Bush strongly criticized and accused her, practically responsible for the attacks of 11 September 2001 be became the most successful documentary of all time. Moore is an idol of the worldwide skeptic scene. If he wants the “Syrian pro-democracy movement” God’s blessing, if his words are just barely different from those of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then one should mark the day red on the calendar. For such days are rare. The skeptics have ceased to be a skeptic.


What’s going on in Syria? Who wants to learn, lands quickly on the reports of the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera and Western stations, the report from the “popular uprising” in Syria “against the Assad regime.” On display are shaky videos taken with mobile phones, phone scratched voices of “eyewitness” reports about the “brutality” of army and police forces against “peaceful protesters”. In Turkey, close to the Syrian border, would be ‘overcrowded refugee camps, “from Ankara, the Turkish prime minister railed against Damascus, he has moved even tanks to the Syrian border – an overt threat of war. The “Arab League”, an alliance organization of Arab states of North Africa and the Middle East, takes Damascus through the wringer. Syria’s membership in the “Arab League” has been “exposed”. Hawks in Washington right and left one NATO military action against Syria hold in view of the Libyan revolution forever tempting.Iran and Lebanonare only two states in the region at the side of Syria: Iran and Lebanon. The Western commentators wonder that hardly. Iran is itself a “rogue state” Syria and one of the few loyal allies of Tehran at all. And Lebanon is in a sort of “hostage” of the Shiite Hezbollah and turn Iran-related, the “Party of God”, whose name in the European media is hardly known even without the addition of “terrorist”.While Europe is awash with horror stories from Syria and politicians are calling for all parties, we must increase the “pressure on Damascus,” Syria’s newspapers report of three soldiers in an oil pipeline near the town of Homs found a 25 kilo bomb and defused. The bomb was equipped with a remote control and well camouflaged attached to the tube. A few weeks earlier, a bomb exploded already a 15-foot hole in a Syrian oil pipeline near the town of Talkalakh. “Terrorist groups,” said the Syrian intelligence, tried to weaken the Syrian economy to worsen the crisis. Of two incidents, one could read in the Federal Republic of Germany nothing. And none of the weapons shipments that pass through the Turkish and Lebanese border to “insurgents” in Syria. Again and again succeeds the Syrian security forces to provide weapons smugglers before they can deliver their cargo to the “regime opponents”. What do “peaceful democracy activists” rapid-fire rifles, night vision devices, explosives, grenades and reactive armor boxes, preferably from the RPG series? If it is in fact the foreign-funded and equipped militias fighting against the state? At least that is the position of the Syrian state radio. Almost every day you show there funerals of policemen and soldiers killed in combat – images that are not also in the West gets to face.The lack of reporting is highly dangerous, as the governments of Europe make it the basis for their decisions. It repeatedly breakdowns happen. In summer, the French channel FRANCE 24 radiated an alleged telephone interview with the Syrian ambassador in Paris, Lamia Chakkour out. They resign from office because they could not represent government, the preceding with “brute force against unarmed civilians.” The news had only one flaw: The woman on the phone was obviously not Chakkour Lamia. The Syrian embassy denied the alleged withdrawal of the ambassador on the same day – but because the message was already on the air worldwide. Of course, kick back Chakkour not by “brute force against unarmed civilians” in Syria, they knew nothing.

“Immediate release” of a phantom and in the Federal Republic of Germany, the reporting and the political reactions take now to downright grotesque. You can still find an explanation of the human rights officer of the German Bundestag, Markus Loening (FDP) on the official web site of the Foreign Office, where he works for the “immediate release” of the “Syrian blogger Amina Abdallah.” Literally it means: “The few days ago to President Assad personally declared general amnesty, which is expressly intended to apply to political prisoners, is revealed by the apparent kidnapping of Amina Abdalla as a sham operation. On serious and far-reaching reforms, the Syrian people waiting ever since. I call on the Syrian leadership to stop the repression against the civilian population immediately and Amina Abdalla immediately release them. “Only: a “Amina Abdallah” never existed at all. The young lesbian woman from Damascus was in fact a middle-aged American who lives in Scotland. The whole story of the “courageous Internet Activist” that has been “abducted” was, was fictitious. All major media have reported the fraud. Loening, who eat up this duck is held, it obviously still not necessary to correct it or even to apologize. A Foreign Office spokesman said only that it was made of a non-governmental organization and attention to the case of Abdallah responded immediately, because such incidents have indeed “not atypical” were for a country like Syria.And also from the “refugee camps” all sorts of strange is reported. According to official figures, Turkey adopted 10 000 Syrian refugees in the border area near to – and was praised by Brussels for it. The “humanitarian gesture” was a role model, also said German politicians towards Ankara. But now, many Syrian refugees returned to their homeland and make suddenly a very different picture of the situation, you dar. claim they have never actually planned to leave their villages to Turkey – to “armed men” came and they were ” for their protection “would have prompted. The women report rapes by opponents of the regime and also by Turkish soldiers in the camps. They have tried to prevent the refugees from returning to Syria – the rapes were recorded with cameras in order to blackmail the women: “If you go, all experienced in your village that you are a prostitute,” they had threatened. By Western television is not shown. Markus Loening, and also has not been protested.

Fake Eldorado in Lebanon

is in a refugee camp in north-east of Lebanon, it in turn to something more relaxed. Two journalists from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), who wanted to write a report about Syrian refugees could not believe their eyes. Because there can be the good stories “buy” easy. Syrian offer of stories there and tweak it as needed by the media. Of wounded demonstrators to deserters, everything is on offer. Journalists from the FAZ not go out, but instead report on the fake paradise on the Lebanese-Syrian border, where more or less gifted Syrians schauspiel mime for Western cameras like the “democratic opposition”. But on the other hand, it does beg the question: How many reports of alleged eyewitnesses of deserting soldiers, torture victims and prisoners as being?The Syrian government sees the country is currently in a defensive struggle against a foreign alliance led Washington to Damascus in a “regime change” to bring about. For years, opposition groups in Syria by the U.S. are generously sponsored. It’s no secret. So the data is given in the unveiling platform Wikileaks, that the U.S. State Department paid annually since 2006 at least six million dollars of Syrian opposition groups. Since at least June, the thumbscrews are tightened even more. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke already of “war” – and took the Turkish NATO ally in the duty. The threat of war climb “if the Syrian troops not immediately adjust their attacks and provocations,” Clinton said in late June. And also in the Federal Republic of Germany, there are increasing voices that advocate open a war against Damascus. Ironically, the liberal-left media time sat at the head of the pro-war. The West should “not refrain from Assad can threaten a military option,” writes the journalist there, Frank Jansen. Since the conflict in Libya to drums at the time of the Bundeswehr for military adventures in the Arab world. The “succes “of the Americans and French in the battle against Gaddafi now inspire the desk strategists of the Hamburg weekly newspaper. Against Damascus they also want to be there – as a propagandist in their editorial offices.A collapse of Syria would fit well in the geopolitical concepts of Washington, Ankara and Riyadh in the Middle East. Iran would lose an important ally, which is primarily for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia is important. And Turkey would probably take the opportunity to expand their political influence in the neo-Ottoman dream in the Arab world massively.But for the Syrians, this should be a real nightmare scenario. It soon would turn out, who actually was behind the “democratic forces”. By Saudi Arabian TV channels from preaching radical Islamic clerics already that the “day of vengeance,” then come and announce a real hard battle. The Christians at least seven percent of the country considered most loyal supporters-Assad should then be history. And also the Alevis, which al-Assad family belongs, it will go to the collar. ‘Alawis to the grave, Christians in Beirut, “one of the chants is in demonstrations against the government in Syria. The parallels with Iraq are not to be overlooked: The “liberation” by the Americans in 2003 there began a massive persecution of Christians by radical Islamic militants. Churches burned, priests were murdered, bombs exploded at high Christian holidays. The result was an exodus of Iraqi Christians continuing to this day. Germany also agreed to take in Iraqi Christians – without analyzing the causes of their flight.

Today revolution, tomorrow refugees to fear it is: German human rights politicians like Markus Loening, which can now make the propagandists of a coup in Damascus will tomorrow seek to ensure that large contingents of refugees from Syria in the Federal Republic of Germany will be accommodated. Political wisdom is something else.



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