US trying to start The Third World War ?

Seems that the United States have begun to step up the heat on the center of resistance that survived despite all the campaigns waged by America and its allies, which can be put within it attempt to accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran of trying to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington and escalation through the media and official statements on the U.S. against Iran.
What going through th…e region of the radical changes and the most important of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and declining U.S. influence in the region to pay the U.S. administration to target Syria over ride the wave of popular movements and arm some forces to foment discord and push the country towards civil strife, to strike the center of the resistance which has become an insurmountable barrier in the face of Zionist aspirations The U.S., through the strategic alliance between the countries and the forces of resistance, the effects of a state of terror within Zionist circles and pay the leaders of Zionism to work to implicate the Islamic Republic of Iran’s problems with the Gulf States, in order to weaken its support for Syria in the face of the conspiracy continued and, in this context remarks Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he said: «Iran is behind the Assad regime» in a clear reference to the involvement of Turkey in the conspiracy against Syria and its push to hit the center of resistance while shopping which for itself as one of the most important supporters of the Palestinian resistance, as claimed their leaders.
seems to be the victories achieved by the resistance in recent years and that Mr. Hassan Nasrallah continued when he said: «the time of defeats, Li came time victories», was the real reason to try to target the Islamic Republic of Iran internally by broadcasting rumors during the presidential election and induction of the Iranian street on his leadership, the same scenario you are trying to circles plot replicated in Syria via broadcast sedition between the sons of Syrian society, and incitement to violence and murder, taking advantage of the credibility enjoyed by some satellite channels, speaking in Arabic to promote rumors and distorting facts and fabricating lies, which most recently accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of trying to assassination of the Saudi ambassador to America, to increase the pressure on the resistance axis. that the coordination between the countries of the resistance in the first degree, and awareness of the two streets in Syria and Iran and their association with the idea of resistance, making both of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria Asatin any attempt to target, and put the United States and its allies on the defensive , after they were on the offensive and the threat of escalating after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, reflecting waning influence of the imperialist powers in the region.
The consensus is that the U.S. is seeking various ways to weaken the resistance axis after the axis of «moderate» Arab one the most important symbols of the fall of Mubarak, which is why America and its allies of the Arabs «moderation» to launch this attack awful on countries that pursue the resistance in thought and deed, and rejects any form of communication with the Zionist entity barracks imperialism developed in our region, and the last strongholds of racism in the world and of the occupation of colanialy based on the idea of extermination of the Palestinian people and settle in the land.

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