The maps of their Plan to Divide this World(t. of Karam)

Full maps of the scheme of dividing the Arab countries and some other countries to weaken and dominate them / and according to many reports

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So as not to forget the Bernard Lewis plan to divide the Islamic world

Who they never read history think what created America in Iraq from the occupation and the division is a matter of surprise came Walid events that produced
what has happened since the period in South Sudan has the motives and reasons
, but the larger truth that they have forgotten that what is happening now is the realization and implementation of the scheme colonial planned by and drafted and announced by the World Zionist to break up the Arab world and the Near East and hashed and turn it into a mosaic of paper where Mr. Israel is obeyed and that since the establishment of the Zionist entity is on the land of Palestine 1948
When we publish this document serious for “Bernard Lewis,” we aim to introduce the scheme, especially young people who are the backbone of the nation and the makers strength and its civilization and its renaissance and who have been the biggest brainwashed by a group works diligently to serve the Zionist project of U.S. stigmatization of those schemes as mere “conspiracy theory

Outline the division of Egypt and Sudan

Egypt is divided into four states

First. Sinai and the east of the Delta: “under Jewish influence” (to achieve a dream of the Jews from the Nile to the Euphrates) e

Second, the state capital, Alexandria Christianity

· Extended from the south to the south of Beni Suef, Assiut, and expanded westward to include Fayoum

• The stretch in the line of a desert by the Wadi Natron to link this area in Alexandria.
· has widened to include also part of the coastal region extending up to Mrs. Matrouh.
Thirdly: State Alnobhalmtalh with the Northern Territory Alsudanahasmtha Aswan.
· linking the southern part extends from the level of Musrany northern Sudan on behalf of Nubia region of the Sahara to fuse with the state of the Berbers, which will extend from southern Morocco to the Red Sea.
Fourth: Egypt Islamic capital Cairo, the remaining part of Egypt.
· meant to be also under the influence of the Israeli
· (where within the scope of a Greater Israel that takes advantage of the Jews in inception.

Sudan is divided into 4 states

Mini Nubia: Integrated with mini-state in the occupied Egyptian Nubia, whose capital Aswan
mini-state north Sudanese Islamic
mini-state in southern Sudan Christian: which will be announced separation in the referendum held on 9/1/2011
to be the first formal separation according to the scheme
Darfur: The plots are continuing to be separated from the Sudan After just south of where it is rich in uranium, gold and oil

North African states

to dismantle Libya, Algeria and Morocco in order to establish

Berber country: along the mini-state in Egypt, Nubia and Sudan.
Polisario mini
-states the rest of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

Planned division of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf

Cancel Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, Yemen and the UAE from the map
and erase the existence of constitutional to include the Peninsula and the Gulf, only three states.
Ahsa mini-state: It includes Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain,
a small state, we find
a small state Hijaz

Planned for Yemen

Remove the current constitutional entity of the state of Yemen calls all the North and South
and to consider the whole territory part of the mini-state Hijaz


The dismantling of Iraq along ethnic, religious and sectarian, as happened in Syria during the reign of the Ottomans to the three states
mini Shia in the south around Basra
mini Sunni in central Iraq around Baghdad
mini Kurdish in the north and northeast around Mosul (Kurdistan) is based on parts of the territory of Iraq and Iran Syrian and Turkish and Soviet

Note: The

voice of the U.S. Senate as a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in 29/9/2007
on the division of Iraq into three states mentioned above
and called Massoud Barzani, the work of a referendum to decide the fate of Iraq’s Kurdistan region
and to consider the capital province (Kirkuk), the oil-rich Kurdish province of
Iraq and received the blessing and U.S. in October 2010
and is well known that the constitution “Bremer” and his allies of the Iraqis
had approved the federation, which include mini-states of the three on the basis of sectarian
Shiite (South) / Sunni (center) / Kurdish (North) e
following the occupation of Iraq in March – April 2003

Planned division of Syria

See previous map (map division of Syria and Iraq), divided into regions of distinct ethnic or religious group or sect to the four states
the State of top Shiite (along the beach). e
Sunni state in the region of Aleppo,
a Sunni state around Damascus,
the State of the Druze in the Golan Heights, Lebanon, and includes part of the southern lands East Jordan and the Syrian and Lebanese territories

Plan to divide Lebanon

Divide Lebanon into eight cantons, ethnic and sectarian and religious

Mini Sunni in the north (with its capital Tripoli) e
mini Maronite north (capital Jounieh). e
mini Bekaa Valley, the upper (capital Baalbek) is subject to Syrian influence in eastern Lebanon.
Beirut International (internationalized e)
Canton Palestinians around Sidon, the Litani River is controlled by the Palestine Liberation Organization (m. T.. q) e
Canton brigade in the south, which includes Christians and half a million Shiites.
Druze, a small state (in parts of Lebanese territory, Syrian and Palestinian Territories). e
Canton Christian under Israeli influence. e

Outline the division of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan

The division of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Divided into ten ethnic entities weak
(what is left of Iran after the division).
Afghanistan (what is left after the division). e
that is left after the division of Kashmir.

Planned to divide Turkey

to extract part of Turkey and the annexation of the Kurdish state to be established in Iraq. See Map to divide Iraq

Jordan planned

liquidation of Jordan and the transfer of authority to the Palestinians

Planned for Palestine

Now well known, without explanations


Map of Greater Israel

Map of Israel

Sykes – Picot in 1916 and has been the sharing of what remains of the Arab East after the First World War between England and France, that followed the 1917 Balfour Declaration to the Jews in Palestine

Jimmy Carter’s 1977-1981 rule in America since the draft was his dismantling of a priest shrewd policy depends soft

Policy depends soft

He is now touring Arab countries under the pretext of democracy and promote peace in the region!!!!
For Arabs attention to this scheme the Zionist colonial malignant and who wants to weaken them and Faat their countries in order to dominate them and the establishment of a Greater Israel at a time when Western countries colonial unite among themselves to gain in strength to the strength of the Belgians mischief and injustice in the land

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