Terrorist attacks in Syria. The true face of so called

An armed terrorist group
recognizes that in mined a Banias oil pipeline, railway and bridge Al – Qooz to
destroy them

Weapons of so-called peaceful revolution, in which terrorist attacks

Syrian state television
station aired a story about the statements of members of an armed
terrorist group arrested by the army and security forces after a mission
tracking and trapping of this group in the Banias. 

Security forces and army
seized a quantity of weapons, ammunition and explosives ready to attack members
of the army and security forces, public and private properties. Also, a unit of sappers
managed to defuse the explosive charge that many were prepared to blow up an oil
pipeline, a railway bridge near Al-Qooz Tartous highway. Terrorists have placed on
sidewalks near military units and other explosive charges that were hidden in
packages and bags of food waste.

Military source: Citizens of
Homs and Dara is pleased to military efforts to restore peace and

Victims of terrorists who present themselves as

Citizens in the
counties”Dara Homs and expresses satisfaction with the efforts of the army and
security forces to restore calm in these counties and create a state of
stability and security in the souls of citizens, after they were terrorized by
armed terrorist groups that have spread terror, sabotage and death, “the
official military source said yesterday.

The source added that dozens
were arrested in both counties followed, and found a field hospital in Al-Jilani
Mosque in Homs. Hospital was used to treat the wounded from the members of armed
terrorist groups.

Official source said that
following the clashes between the army and terrorists have resulted in two
martyrs and five wounded in the armed forces, adding that a number of terrorists
were also injured or killed.

President Bashar al Assad’s

President Al-Assad continues
the series of meetings with Syrian society figures including a number of clerics
in Damascus suburb

President Bashar Al-Assad
continues the series of meetings with Syrian society today where he met with a
number of clerics in Damascus suburb.

In recent weeks, President
Al-Assad had several meetings with various delegations from all counties and
cities popular Syrian composed of heads of tribes, remarkable people, clergy,
youth and ordinary citizens. 

At these meetings the
President Al-Assad had dialogues about the recent events taking place in Syria
and problems facing their cities or counties or related social categories they
belong to and proposing solutions for these problems.

All delegations rejected
entirely popular tests that focused on security and stability of Syria.
They are
assured that with the reforms initiated by President

Clergy who met with
President al-Assad stated that the meeting was an important and fruitful based
on openness and transparency and other issues were addressed in several

In turn, President Al –
Assad reiterated that he is interested and is determined to find solutions to
all requirements of citizens


PRESENTS THE TRUTH ABOUT SYRIA events in the country

Syrian people declare their confidence in the Syrian
leader Bashar Al Assad 

We provide joined following:
current developments, policy management action to restore the situation to meet
the legitimate aspirations of the people of Syria.

v Situation in Dara: trigger
events early in the Dara, Lord President considered the requests of people in
the county while receiving a delegation composed of many popular citizens of the
county. Requests have been met is hoping to settle things in the area were
withdrawn security forces and police in the city, also prefect in charge of
political security and were subjected to judicial

It was also created and a
steering committee to continue dialogue with the citizens of the county but in
the days that followed, I was surprised to find that peaceful demonstrations
have turned into chaos, were burned public and private institutions have been
attacked members and police forces and the call to jihad. The chaos has spread and
resulted in dead and wounded among the police. Also, the army stationed in
the area centers have been the target of armed attacks. This lasted about six weeks,
which required the intervention of the army entered the city to restore order
and security, were confiscated weapons and arrested several members and leaders
of armed groups who commit crimes and acts of vandalism. Dara left the armed forces
after the restoration of normality.

County does not suffer from
lack of food and medicines, the ensuring all these needs. In this context, recall that
the UN representative in Damascus called for sending a delegation to check if
the city lacks necessary. But we passed that these needs are provided and that
the government has not requested any assistance in this regard. UN Secretary-General of the
Syrian president has proposed in a UN call to send a delegation to assess the
needs of citizens in some districts of Syria, but the answer was that we need
these kinds of aid because it is insured.

Homs and Banias The
situation in V: The military still faces a high resistance in neighborhoods
“Amro Baba” and “Bab Al-Siba ‘in Homs, especially when armed individuals
attacked the army and continued to have committed acts of sabotage. Following these events many
martyrs have died from among the army.

In the last two days have
entered the army and security forces in the city of Banias to end armed actions
and sabotage. The seizure of large quantities of weapons and arrested a number of
saboteurs, military forces have reached the end of the

Currently, management and
government of the country watch what happens on the ground in the concept and
sort of distinguishing between peaceful demonstrations calling for reforms that
President Bashar Al-Assad has considered legitimate, that will be studied and
put into application, and the action of armed saboteurs who by their
infiltration into the ranks of protesters displaying slogans and purpose to
destabilize security, public order and spread chaos and

Reform is an action that
should not be stopped but not administered by a magic touch, and our current
situation, needs an expanded national dialogue.

Mr. President has received
many delegations from different counties and dialogue with them aimed at finding
out the views in different ways. Were recently charged two vice presidents, assistant
vice-president of the republic and presidential political adviser and media to
initiate a dialogue with the intellectual and patriotic personalities to develop
a comprehensive national dialogue to have bases and

Currently, a national
commission composed of judges independent research investigates current events,
establishing responsibilities and receiving petitions from citizens.
There was
formed a committee to fight corruption under the leadership of a former minister
of justice. It
is currently developing the mechanism of this committee.

Grand Mufti of Syria
condemned the attacks and terrorist Interconfessional REQUEST

Grand Mufti of Syria Dr.
Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, reiterated the important role of spiritual leaders in
maintaining national unity, coherence in society, security and stability in the
country aimed at combating the destabilizing and undermining the plans of state

During his meeting with
Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders Raqqa County, Dr. Hassoun underlined that
Syria is making progress in the reform process in meeting the requirements and
needs of citizens, as well as improving their livelihood and economic situation
in general. He
appealed to the wisdom in fighting plots and be cautious about trying to change
the map region as a whole.

Dr. Hassoun has said that
finding a solution in confronting the discord between religions in Syria is a
religious and moral duty to maintain freedom and dignity of citizens challenging
stressing that plans are aimed unity and undermining the security ţării.El said
that Syria supporting national resistance movements fighting against those who
have plans conspiracy and are supported by the world powers.

Grand Mufti stressed that
national unity and tolerance have made people stand united against any Syrian
who wants to undermine Syria, demanding that mosques and churches to become
bridges of tolerance and to stay in close contact with citizens.
Now,for all these declarations,Grand Mufti Hassoun pay a hard price :the terrorist groups killed his son!!!

NO political prisoners in

Syrian Interior Ministry: so
far, 915 people involved in actions to destabilize surrendered to the competent

Policemen and soldiers
attacked by terrorists in Syria

Ministry of Interior said
yesterday that the number of those involved in actions to destabilize the
authorities surrendered came so far to 915 people from different counties.
They were
released immediately after they promised that they will not repeat any action
that would affect national security and harm people. 

An Interior Ministry
official source said that still come in large numbers at police stations who
have committed actions to destabilize to teach. He appealed to those who
have been misled and have participated or have committed acts punishable by law
and possession of weapons, achieve public safety or the release of information
to mislead public opinion, to surrender and competent authorities to lay down
their arms and to denounce the criminals, terrorists and weapons hidden places
where they are to benefit from the deadline set by the Ministry of Interior in
this regard, to be exempted from penalties and consequences of their criminal
prosecution and not to initiate their . This term is valid until 15 May
2011.In August,the chief of Red Cross confirmed  it!

Intellectuals support the
reforms SYRIAN PRESIDENT Bashar Al Assad

Syrian intellectuals:
factors of social movements that call for reforms are positive factors that can
be used to boost the reform program that is consistent with current

Syrian intellectuals and artists visiting wounded
soldiers by terrorists

An elite group of academics,
intellectuals and social workers, economic and sports opinion that the
discussion about reform in Syria has come to acquire a strong national trait
falling all walks of life and expands its horizons with each day covering all
aspects and sectors, which covers an overview of the reform to be exploited at
national level. 

These figures relate to
social movement factors, factors that call for reform, providing vision and
ideas, as a real opportunity and a positive factor that can be exploited to
boost the overall reform program, launched by President Bashar Al-Assad and
including all sectors and institutions. The reforms adopted fundamentally new requirements
that correspond to the moment and exploit scientific and technological tools.

Dr. Wael Moalla, Rector of
Damascus said that the general reform package, the decrees and laws issued
recently, where each citizen of the country before a responsible participant in
the national reform process. The professor also said that the role of
intellectuals is very important in terms of laws and their formulation and
implementation of new mechanisms to combat corruption and improve the
administrative apparatus, having regard, in particular, that the citizen is
priority number one, which all focus necestă efforts. 

Dr. Wael added approval of
the Council of Ministers to implement a program that offers jobs to graduates of
universities and institutes is an important decision in support of state
institutions that need new and competent staff.

In this context, Dr. Al
fluffy – Shaal, rector at the University of Damascus – Distance Learning, said
that this program offers jobs to graduates of universities and institutes is an
important step in the path of reform and job creation for graduates in their
fields of specialization, which contribute to the integration of the younger
generation in the construction of development and also their potential

For his part, Dr. Al-Awad
glitch, Professor of Geography at the Faculty of Letters, believes that the
reform process has entered a new stage with the rise of recent decrees and laws
package, adding that the country is witnessed a real breakthrough and requires
all citizens to concentrate their efforts, each according to his social
position, to engage in national responsibilities through which Syria during this
period. She
called on the Syrian academics and intellectuals to realize this generation and
open doors for dialogue to bring the points of divergence in opinions, if any,
in the context of media disinformation campaign, far from reality, in which
younger generation is exposed. 

Ali Ahmad Hwais, president
of the teachers union AleppoSaid that the Syrian people
are fully aware of the size of conspiracy to prepare against it, but the people,
national unity, is able to overcome this crisis by supporting the reform process
has already begun in Syria.

Dr. Issa Al-Akub, Dean of
the Faculty of Economics at the University of Aleppo believes that reforms
dealing with all aspects of Syrian society faced but need time to be
implemented, noting that recent events confirm the existence of an external
factor like affect the security of the citizen and country, and control all of
the goods the country. He calls on intellectuals to exercise constructive
ideas to address the role that will assist the reform process and to protect
society as to prevent any other party to misleading messages, far from

Dr. Shahla Al – Ojaili,
professor of Arabic literature says that reforms are a requirement of all
citizens who exercise their role in the community, but that the reform process
is facing a misinformation campaign by some elements who have no interest in
implementation of these reforms and the success of these reforms and do not want
people to enjoy them Syrian. She believes that current events in Syria is only a
conspiracy aimed at undermining the Syrian firm position to support resistance
movements in Lebanon and Palestine.

Dr. Al – Ojaili appealed to
respect the law and maintain all requirements in a national framework, since no
one is against legitimate claims, especially when expressed in a civilized and
national formula.

For his part, Archbishop
Antoine Shahda, called Metropolitan Aleppo in Syria for all social unit,
protecting the homeland, which is a right for all citizens, to achieve close
cooperation between official and citizen. He said that this package of reforms was met with
satisfaction by the people, with many hoping to achieve progress for the good of

In addition, Metropolitan
has sent a message to those who harm the security of the country to return to
reason, distinguishing between good and evil, and to verify all information
misleading broadcast on television. He said the Syrian people to work all categories as
one solid force and courage to defend the homeland and the rights of people and
all citizens and officials, have the same level of responsibility and act for
the benefit and progress of country

For his part, Sheikh
Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Hussein, imam of a mosque, drew attention to the need to stop
these saboteurs, discloses to you and not to follow their calls have no
connection with religion or homeland, stressing that Religious leaders must
fulfill their religious and national responsibilities and to defend this
generation to not take astray by clarifying the bases and principles of national
databases that are consistent with religious

Truth about the events in

Millions of Syrians took to the streets to express
their love for President Bashar Al Assad and confidence in its

– It’s been six weeks
since the beginning of acts of violence perpetrated by extremist groups, coming
to light that the main purpose of these groups is to remove the regime in

– Meanwhile, maintaining
public order forces have refrained, as much as possible, to resort to the use of
force, but the armed criminal groups composed of people continued to kill
innocent citizens. The weapons also were used for killing more people from among the
police, attacking offices of public institutions, military units and law
enforcement. Ordinary people threatened and forced schools and state institutions to
close their doors.

– Syrian Government has
initiated several measures taken in response to calls justified the population,
including the abolition of State Security Court for the promulgation of a
legislative decree on the management of peaceful demonstrators, and that for the
first time in Syria. Have been taken and measures to combat corruption, plus measures of
everyday life Syrian citizens.

– From management’s desire
to meet people, Syrian President received delegation RA popular in almost all
Syrian governoratele to ascertain the wishes and demands of citizens.
were issued by the President to meet all their demands

– These violent acts were
accompanied by a publicized challenge unprecedented in the area, against Syria
and its policy to promote sabotage, terrorism, to create suspicion on the good
intentions of government and in many cases, to distort reality . Have caused the protesters
and burning of state property.

– The events had a
negative effect on national economic situation, turnover and market activity
have been frozen, the tourism sector has suffered losses and investments have
recorded a decline due to intentional sabotage exerted by these extremist

– In its efforts to defend
its borders with Syria and neighboring countries, police found several arms
shipments sent by foreign extremist religious groups in Syria and those groups
intended to destabilize security and stability in

– It goes without saying
that the state assume primary responsibility as any country that is subject to
such threats and challenges to meet the calls of its citizens living in peace
and safety.

– Given the Syrian
leadership believes that these forces and extremist groups do not want reform,
but to seize power through murder and mayhem, it was natural to resort to
utilize the full capabilities of management to respond to citizens calls
pressured and demanding rescue of face of these terrorist groups and extremist
and a return to order in the country.

– Syria finds no excuse
and accusing voices addressing this issue in the international organizations.
Syria can not
look with suspicion and caution than the attempts of some to create the
impression that the state protects its own people, not

– Syrian state policy
practice defense of its citizens and save the people of division caused
misfortunes that Syria plans enemies. They are designed to discredit them determination
to preserve the security and independence of decisions and reject pressures
practiced on him. Their goal is to lead Syria to change its policies that serve the
interests of the Syrian people and the Arab nation.

-It was established a
committee of inquiry, whose integrity and objectivity are proven to investigate
all cases that led to the death of citizens in these confrontations.
Also, Mr.
President has issued several decrees to pardon those involved in events and
their release than those who carry weapons or evidence that they killed someone,
having given them the chance to return to wisdom and peaceful approach things.
This was not
possible for some, who returned to practice violence and murder. Moreover, the President
believes that all victims, both civilian and military aspects of such events,
are martyrs.

– Error policy
intervention in the internal affairs of other countries under various pretexts
has been proven. We believe that some of the speeches we have heard against Syria can not
be considered only encouragement to extremism and terrorism. The price of these
incitements will be paid by the guilty, both in Syria and

– Confirm that the time of
colonialism has passed and that people in developing countries are aware of new
ways in which some states they are to intervene in the internal affairs of other
countries, even if such interventions are referred to as the responsibility to
protect citizens or interventions humanitarian.

– Finally, Syria wants to
confirm that what is happening in reality was not in any way a peaceful
demonstration. If it were so, there would have been the large number of martyrs from
among the army and police forces, in addition to innocent civilians.
It also
confirms that Syria will continue its road to reform, announced by President RA
Syrian and will continue to address the legitimate grievances of citizens and to
protect lives and properties


Several media outlets have
disclosed details of a plan which made very well say that Bandar bin Sultan is
thought together with former American ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey Feltman.
The goal,
according to the same sources, is to “remove the regime in Syria and to
transform the country in order to return to the Stone Age

Detailed plan, as it was
composed of Bandar Bin Sultan and his friend Jeffrey Feltman in 2008 and
provided funding for two billion dollars, consists of several chapters and is
very precise details, which largely correspond the tensions that have lately
happened in Dara.

The plan is based on
people’s legitimate desire to have freedom, dignity, to stop corruption and
transforming the natural desires in a revluţie against the regime. All the people to believe
that people determine the path to reform from within is closed and that the
solution can come only through embracing revolution, using words attractive and
loved by the people, to symbolize the idea that nobody would dispute.
loves freedom and hates injustice, loves and hates corruption fairness, dignity
loves but does not bear the humiliation. 

In terms of tactical plan
was divided into three areas: large cities, small towns and rural areas.
It has also
been provided for the organization of five types of

– The network of “fuel /
combustion” – composed of young educated but unemployed, who have a connection
between them through a decentralized system.

– Network “aggressive” –
​​criminals and murderers in underdeveloped areas, preferably other than Syrian

– Network “guerilla /
caste / ethnic groups” – young people with limited education, of all ethnic
origins, who support or are against the president, but who are under 22

– Network “communicators”
– leaders of civil society organizations, financed with European money, not

– Network “capital” –
traders and owners of large firms and banks and shopping centers, but only in
Damascus, Aleppo and Homs.

By using these networks
and connections that are formed between them, plan to be held as follows:

Aspirations of young
people have taken advantage of the first category, the network of “fuel” through
which to attract expressions such as:

– That your voice must be

– Change can be achieved
only by force

– Your future is in your

– Your silence is due,

Also, you used the power
of the two categories, the network “aggressive” by the

– Training and
specialization for killing operations, training and general snipers to kill in
cold blood

– Training to quickly burn
public buildings through the use of flammable

– Training to get into the
prisons and police stations and security offices

Members of the three
networks, the “ethnic groups” will be used by:

– Stimulate strong
feelings either in support or opposition against

– Be made to feel that
their ethnic group is threatened in any situation

– They have inculcated the
idea that excessive force be used against other

– Must be convinced that
anyone who oppose them in every field, on any subject, is a traitor to

– Must be brought in a
state of “blindness to nuance” to not only accept ideas tranche

– To be used by young
people and their lack of experience about the history and geography and bring
them into condition to be prepared and ready for

Arming and used by
terrorists to attack Syrian civilians 

A fourth category, the
network “communicators” will be employed and its ability to be developed to
target population, “public opinion” by:

– Must have access to
mobile satellite communications equipment that can not be monitored or

– Presenting them as
patriots, not oppose the regime and civil society to

– Training of personnel
who use modern communication technologies like blogs, the Internet, to keep in
touch with the masses

– Hold regular meetings
with them and unify their efforts in order not to contradict and do not act in

A fifth category, the
network “capital” will be used for fear of losing their wealth and status of
important families in the city, by setting the following

– Will be connected with
economic leaders of European embassies, under the cover of trade

– High-level organization
of parties involving businesses in which to make arrangements and transactions,
as well as exclusive investments in the Gulf.

– Spying on them through
sex filmed for blackmail later.

– Their incitement against
the regime and infiltrating meetings among them the following ideas: “the
country is yours, but foreigners will lead rich factory regime whose interest is
sought against your interest and your back, you build the country but others
lead Bashar Al Asad will steal through taxes and his colleagues they enjoy all
your projects are losing business because of corruption and bribery, your
possessions are threatened and need to transfer out of Syria for the regime will
fall, after the fall of the regime we will put you to govern the country.

In the “executive” plan
scenarios and provide more precise details on how to start movements, how to use
these networks and how to desfăşare these movements:

Chapter “Executive”
establishes the following steps:

Regarding the first
category, the network of “combustion”: the data subject has responded, we need
to use his money about this: it provided small amounts of money, and it provides
a rental car, a cell phone, internet and is required to find and others in the
same way. When the number reaches 5000 persons so recruited in large cities, 1500
in small villages and 500 in high expressed their desires begin to change and
reform. At
this stage to avoid any discussions which would create enemies, so do not
discuss in any way about any kind of segregation, or of any party, left or
right. This
phase will occur later. Appropriate responses will be prepared in case any
of the unmotivated will oppose:

– If someone says that it
will be a change and will be told that “all are lies, there is no

– If someone says “we are
changing”, the answer is “40 years of hearing all this”

– If someone says that
this time is not right, I said “and when we should move, over a hundred

– If someone says that our
dignity is in resistance to America, I said “what job I have with this? I want
to live”, etc..

In the movements in areas
such as street markets and shopping complexes, the mosque after prayers, in
tight spaces, tasks are divided into three categories: those who chanted the
people who make records and those who are hidden, as follows: scandatorii gather
the center of a circle and began to cry, are surrounded by the hidden,
surrounded in turn by cameramen. If someone link to those who chanted, one of his
hidden defend by saying, “Let him speak, sir!” and if someone tries to
spread, ascunşii attacked the ones who will disperse and separate them, in both
cases resulting in good press materials.

In general authorities are
to be induced until the point of using violence and torture, authorities had
only two options: to participate or not.

If you do not get
involved, many supporters of our networks will gather increasingly more young
people due to requests of others, and people, and the new outside networks,
which will gather and her increasingly many, not knowing anything about the
relationship and mode of action of the network.

If the authorities get
involved and arrest any network member, that member has a duty to appear bitter,
just retreating back, go home immediately without any movement, creating the
impression that the authorities understood. There is “freezing” this
member of the group until the last stage. In the meantime continue to be

If the authorities get
involved and arrest a person other than any member of the network, this should
be exploited, have raised the claims. If security is torture, is even better and more
blessed (the result) because that will cause people’s feelings and will make use
expressions that are linked to the idea of ​​torture by the idea of ​​regime as
a whole, not only forces security. This will be spreading the following phrases and
ideas: Have you seen the sad what happened, just like President … It’s not a sin to happen?
The poor man
just wants to live. That is just such merchant must have money? This is the Government or
are thieves out there? In fact the problem starts from the head of the
largest (the fish from head to blame), etc …

When you start moving down
the street needs with the highest speed people stirred and turned simple demands
of fairness and justice demands aimed at a higher level, namely the overthrow of
the regime, by executing the following:

– Early entry into the
scene of the two networks, the “aggressiveness” of attacking all those in the
security and the protesters.

– Have registered
impressive events that touch religious and social feelings, especially attacking
women. It is
preferable that they wear the hijab or niqab. Protesters chanting will
be general and, if attacked by security forces to distinguish clearly that part
of these forces, it will be great. If they are attacked by civilians, then we will
call “civilian security forces dressed!” and if one does not attack anyone you attack
someone on the network of those gathered, even if it will lead to minor
injuries. Duration of registration should not be longer than 20 seconds, but must
take place very close, not remotely.

– Use rapid blood due to
the strong effect it has on people

– The killing of a
protester by someone outside the network, preferably killing of young large
families with strong social relationships with education, particularly medical,
engineers, intellectuals in general. Killing must be done quickly by a sniper and the
bullets of the same type used by police and security forces. There will also be killed
a few people among the latter.

– Burning goods traders
have been challenged before and bring them into a state of fear. Also be made to touch and
other business projects and economic field, so that it affected many people’s
lives as possible.

– Bashar Al Asad challenge
his supporters and their exhaustion and energy and momentum of their activities
in discussions with other non-profit, and especially with Muslims through
complaints that are part of the security as informers and trumpet, they are
beneficiaries of the government, spreading mistrust between and its population
and creating a state of tension by telling them that Bashar Al Asad end is near,
calling them to support ad-hoc meetings. Also some of them will call for human scarificii,
murder and terror. Bashar Al Asad’s opponents will be quiet and will postpone any move
until murders will take place between groups with different beliefs (of any
kind, including ethnic) so be prepared to call for freedom, democracy, political
reform and civil life.

– Thwarting any attempt of
the regime to come up with political solutions. Will be destroyed as
symbols of power Baath party headquarters, police, prisons, security centers,
destruction of images with the image of Bashar Al Asad.

– Entry into action of the
fourth network, the “communicators” in order to link the image of Bashar Al Asad
of all historical stages and presentation of previous negative as he is the
natural successor and negative past decades. He will be responsible for
all these negative facts, and its positive actions will be

Bandar bin Sultan himself
acknowledges in its plan that Bashar Al Asad has a real popularity both at home
and outside Syria. He believes that the popularity of President trbuie not neglected, and
that shall be exploited and transformed in strength in weakness. This can be done just by
using elk movements and his supporters against their challenge against him and
his government, including all ethnic groups and other groups. Also, Bandar said that the
President is the main force in the army and security apparatus that is extremely

And the crushing military,
government and security apparatus, Bandar believes that they should split up in
different groups according to various religious or otherwise, and this network
is the third role, that of “ethnic groups”, given the neutralization rites of
the biggest: Hanf, Shafi, as umează:

– Each of the groups have
pushed to commit very bloody massacres against those who oppose them, they must
be filmed and broadcast by the media soon. Everything must start from locations remote from
Damascus, but do not show too much blood, for fear that people will not give
back the violence.

– Lattakia and Tartous
alawiţii The network will kill some young Sunni, they will mock corpses and will
scan (live Bashar!). In Aleppo, the network will attack salfiţii alawite villages, burning
homes and they will be terrified until they leave their villages. They cry (alawiţilor
Death, death, enemies and companions!). In Hasake, Arabs on the network will cut a few
heads will hang and will denigrate young Kurds within sight, even without words,
through the message that Kurds will understand without translation. Will be killed and some
Christians, especially Armenians. In Dara, snipers outside the city will kill young
families Jawabira, Mahamin, but not close to those of Abazid and Masalme.

– In Bukamal Sunni Shiites
will kill crying (Karballa, Hussein!). In Homs will kill Arabs and Turkmen will rob
stores, especially those that sell gold, will also kill Catholics and Christians
murşadini (alawiţi Muslims).

– In Swaidaa, Druze on the
network will kill a few Christians of nearby villages and some churches are

– In Qamishli, some
Kurdish groups will avenge the death of Hasake Kurds, while some Arab Muslims
kill Armenians

– At Deir Azzour, snipers
outside the city will kill young family and Beni Aqidat Naaim, but without
approaching the small tribes, cm would have run it, Al Jabbour, Al Shamra.
During the
filming will be heard shouting in the name of Abu Khabur and

Bandar also considers that
the regime will mobilize all forces in an attempt to solve the problem and
ethnic groups in conflict, and Bashar Al Asad in his Government would send
delegates to resolve these disputes. Damascus will remain so without government, and
this is even the role of Damascus, where every minority to retaliate and the
city will be lit from all sides as follows:

– Muslims killing
Christians in eastern Bucharest living with them in the Qassaa, Bab Touma and
Druze in Jaramana.

– Shiites killing Sunni
town south of living with them Shaghur and west, neighborhood

– Daria Salafiţii of Doma
and burn the town hall, courts and police headquarters

– Alawiţii the western
part of Jabal Mazzeh area and living among them kill

– Kurds in the northern
city of Rukn Eddine the Arabs will attack from all other groups or

Bandar believed that
during this time will be divided army and security forces will be collapsed, the
government also, and Bashar’s available will not remain only on the Republican
Guard can mobilize for the army will be against him, which will cause you to say
that Bashar Al Asad is the cause of all problems. Here their role of taking
the fifth network, network “capital”, so that will be made as

– Meeting with leaders of
all owners of capital military, security apparatus, the ministers coming from
Damascus and Aleppo and to be persuaded to give up Bashar Al Asad. They will promise that
they will remain after removing the President.

– If some business people
will refuse to cooperate will be threatened that they will be canceled and
reprezentaţele investments withdrawn. There will also be threatened to be made of
laughter that are part of the shoot while sexual

– If some military leaders
refuse to cooperate will be threatened with imprisonment or assassination, and,
if possible, be assassinated in the context of that disorder reigns, few
soldiers but highly alepieni Damascus or just for terrorizing the

– We have established a
national council made up of businessmen, ministers, heads of security council to
be recognized by the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, then
we will focus on Bashar Al Asad ui threat.

Bandar considers that this
step is necessary:

– That the Council should
call upon him to resign his Bashar Al Asad

– To break relations with
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad

– To engage in a secret
operation to continue peace with Israel

– Will be a provisional
government that would abolish political parties demanding early elections and
constitution amendment

– Council should establish
an inquiry committee to hold accountable all that symbolizes the past regime and
to make them responsible for what happened exclusively on the Muslim

– Council must provide the
Syrian economy of U.S., European, Saudi and Egyptian exclusively.

In this context, the news
station (World) found that what is raised on the Facebook page is maintained by
about 200 people gathered in the company called (Year Com Com) and were trained
to stir diversiurnile.

According to the same news
channel, the company and its employees, work silently and unseen to protect
Jordan, but the money running the company and the strategy followed in the
operation are prepared by the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia – Sultan Bin
Bandar branch.

Also, the press material
that said the company (Dot & Com) is a private company owned by Mohamed Al
apparently Qais and its head is considered the capital of Jordan, Amman, is the
headquarters, with branches in major cities in Saudi Arabia. They work with Saudi
Minster of Defense and intelligence unit offers its services to Saudi Arabia and
the Ministry of Interior.

Said television channel
also said that the company has developed a crisis cell to direct orders and that
Bandar’s 200 specialists working with the Internet. They are led by Saudi
officers that American advisers say they specialize in psychological warfare in
order to hit Syria’s cells through Bandar Bin Sultan, active cells even in
southern Syria. On the other hand, Marwan Hamada, Basem Al Sabe, Hani Hammoud crisis
leads cells after the same pattern held for officers of the division of
information related to Saad Hariri, also supported by American advisors and help
in a psychological warfare specialist zvonistică named Ilia

Note that Bandar bin
Sultan, former Saudi ambassador to the United States, and who is now Secretary
General of Saudi National Security Council, was the only ambassador in
Washington who has received permanent protection from U.S. presidential guards.
Also known
links with issues of supporting the forces that resist Israel’s

Who are the terrorists
that attack Syria?

Now when the entire
international community wondering who are the ones who opened fire on unarmed
civilians and the armed forces and Syrian security we have the answer, call the
terrorists to launch attacks and slaughter against innocent Syrian

In the name of Allah, Most
Gracious, Merciful

(“Prepare them all you
are capable force”) – (quote from the Koran)

God has really

We, the Brigades of the
Islamic Salafi Dara, communicate with God’s will that we move from stage to
stage work in secret Jihad publicly claimed as a result of pagan Syrian military
actions and incursions on the land following the Islamic Emirate Dara.
communicate that we take responsibility for all operations of Jihad against the
pagan Syrian army, in which operations are part and our Naaima incursion, which
killed dozens of soldiers, and this is nothing compared to what will

The fight we have been
imposed. We
did not want to announce Jihad. But events were precipitated and pushed to make us
notice our presence as an active force that incorporates hundreds of young
people armed with true doctrine and equipment. So everyone know that we
hit the pagan army throughout Syria and we are also heroes of other incursions,
as we have instructed, I, Horan family in the region until we achieve the stated
purpose, namely to raise the banner Islamic Emirate Islam Dara and we free
ourselves of the tyranny of the entire Emirate Syrian

We commit ourselves before
God and the martyrs that we will remain faithful to our plan of Jihad against
pagan Bashar and his army until victory or martyrdom will record times.
God inspires
us and the book of the Prophet (Sunna) and guidance Khalil Sheikh Ahmad Al
Siasina our Lord to take guard.

Victory is

Victory is

Victory is

2 thoughts on “Syria

  1. TY for the helpful info! I wouldnt have gotten this otherwise!

  2. Sheba Ikerd says:

    Interesting point of view. Wondering what you think of its implication on society as a whole though? There are times when things like this begin to have global expansion and frustration. I will be back soon and follow up with a response.

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