Secret Societies(translation of Karam+film’s links who prooves the zionism intention)

Secret societies and their impact in the twentieth century, 5 and 6

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Prepare, translate, summarize: Eng. Hazar Ibrahim,
exclusive of the site


Chapter V:
Meeting of the Elders of Zion

This section addresses the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the 24 and explain it
and this is a summary of the protocols

Protocol I:
chaos, freedom and wealth and war.

1. Algueyem or are illiterate, except the Jews.
2. The law of nature is the right lies in force.
3. Freedom of political taste to attract the public.
4. Use the money to control nations.
5. Ruling restricted master morality is not a statesman.
6. Vices of loyalty, honesty in politics.
7. The end justifies the means.
. 8. Our motto “All the means of violence and deception.”
9. Implacable violence is the main factor in the strength of justice, “freedom, equality and fraternity words echoed Bbgwat ignorant.”

Protocol II:
control of the government, education and journalism.

1. Development of rulers and heads of public administrators from their tendencies slaves.
2. Rely on the ignorance of non-Jews (control of the curriculum).
3. Control of the press (TV, radio and newspaper).

Protocol III:
drop property and Astqratih.

1. The establishment of the armed political parties. (And use it in time for Dlua civil wars).
2. Exploitation of the needs of the working classes to recruit
3. Build socialism and communism and to demonstrate the adoption of the humanitarian interests of the workers (and this is what they preach social Freemasonry).
4. Communities control by exploiting the feelings of envy and hatred between them.
5. UNC from disappointment to disappointment pave the way for the tyrant king of the blood of Zion.

Protocol IV:
the destruction of religion and control of the trade.

1. People to exchange the industrial and commercial interests (interests of the United occupancy so as not to discern the common enemy).
2. Tarnish the image of freedom.
3. Speculative trade on the basis of the earthquake, social life.
4. The use of the working classes and their distaste for the upper classes to control the economic revolutions.

Protocol V:
empty the contents of the policy.

1. Support the spread of bribery and corruption throughout the communities.
2. Drop the anointing of the Holy for the heads of kings and rulers of the people.
3. Dissemination of religious and tribal prejudices and sectarianism.
4. Sow enmity between the countries and their neighbors, so as not to unite their ranks.
5. Control of all treaties between States.
6. an absolute monopoly of industry and trade liberalization of the capital.
7. The power of capital is greater than the position of the Crown.
8. The hidden hand behind the absolute monopoly of industry and trade.
9. Stripping people of the arms to quell the courage and pride in their hearts.
10. People lose the power of perception hollow words, and rhetoric.
11. Dumping people in the maze of contradictory opinions in order not to have a say in political matters.
12. Multiply and amplify the errors, and the customary laws of man can not even think of darkness applied.
13. Inhibition of all complement each other individual.
14. Government administration will control the giant of the Supreme of all countries.

Protocol VI:
control of industry and agriculture.

1. The organization of global monopolies to absorb the natural resources of States.
2. Sow chaos among workers.
3. Control over industry and trade.
4. Contributing to the increase of absolute luxury wage workers to overwork the factory owners.
5. The imposition of taxes on wages and land.
6. Raise the prices of agricultural raw materials, and animal.
7. Increase the debt on agricultural land in order to frustrate the agricultural profit.
8. The use of propaganda to show our desire to assist the deceptive layers operating in the sectors of industry, agriculture and trade.

Protocol VII:
setting the world wars.

1. Use conflicts and intrigues between the countries to tighten their control.
2. Lit wars between neighboring countries.
3. In the event of the Union of the States to declare war must be logged in the World War.
4. Crimes of violence and terrorism and governance as a means of reply.
(and also the defender of America and the Chinese and Japanese to answer for the Jews)
6. Negotiations and agreements must involve a lot of cunning and malice.

Protocol VIII:
empty the contents of the laws.

1. Adoption of complex expressions in the laws so they look a fair and natural.
2. Giving government posts to non-Jewish people to their past so nasty Nhddhm prison that
did not accord with our demands.
3 – inform the Jewish government, a whole army of economists and the thousands of bankers, and owners of industries, and the owners of millions so that they are in the service of Jewish government.

Protocol IX:
the destruction of morality and the dissemination of the customer.

1. Change the attitude of the United gradually.
2. Reformulation of Masonic emblem (freedom, equality, fraternity) to destroy all the forces except our strength.
3. Jews need to explosions of anti-Semitic (even Athzel any objection to our government’s hostility-Semitism).
. 4. Show the Jews in the world that they are persecuted.
5. Harnessing all the Masonic non-Jewish soldiers to blow up in our ideals and Alcolnin list.
6. We do not accept peace with any nation that our government does not recognize the Supreme Court.
7. Deceive the younger generation theories of science and corrupt.
8. Dam of terror in the ruling powers and peoples in order to ensure the absence of an alliance between them.
9. (The doctrine of non-adherence to the law literally) develop interpretations of the laws have not frequented by legislators
in order not to raise professionalism and make the rule of law based on conscience.

Protocol X:
the development of constitutions.

1. lack of public debate for the freedoms of speech, press, religion, and human bodies are, and the rights of equality and sanctity of the home and the rights of taxation.
2. Revive the ideas of self-importance to destroy family life, and spread chaos and the opposition of individual.
3. The Constitution and laws is a school for the strife and differences and partisan bickering and Alheijanat deep, to weaken the government.
4. Juasisna be planted between the rulers and kings riffraff people close to the king and power, they can expose and slander their superiors, when we asked them to.
5. Within the law will give the President the right of martial law, arguing that the army chief.
6. Councils will deprive the people of the right to ask for plans taken by the government on the pretext that they state secrets.
7. Give the President or King or the right to call on the parliament dissolution.
8. Temptation of ministers and senior officials around the president in order to disguise his orders by issuing instructions from them places the responsibility on their shoulders instead of the President.
9. Maintain the disorder relations between peoples and governments.
10. Maintain the hunger and poverty and disease so that they follow a list of the constitutionality of the request of the debt of our money and our authority.

Protocol Eleventh:
the new constitution of the world

1. Instill fear in the hearts of the people to turn a blind eye
2. Internationalists herd of sheep and wolves are the Jews ..!
3. Originally in the organization of Freemasonry, the Jews do not pray the people scattered to their own purposes but elusive
4. Dispersion is the secret force which seem vulnerable to the world.

Protocol XII:
control of the publication.

1. The definition of freedom on this principle (Freedom is the right of action permitted by law)
2. Must Nzfr management publishing companies.
3. We agree and declare what could be published.
4. All contrary to the copyright license withdrawn.
5. Increase taxes on unauthorized books.
6. We will publish books, cheap books hostile to those not licensed.
7. Since the law in our hands, the authors Sikawa conflict with the law in our hands, and will not find anyone to want to attack us with his pen publisher publishes it.
8. Publisher will not be alone the courage to divulge our secrets, because it does not allow one to enter the world of literature unless it bears the hallmarks of some of the work in his shameful past Nhddh Pfdhaa.
9. Since the printing of the book has the sequence of constitutional authorities to seek permission to take the top publishing this sequence will give us the right to crush the head of plot in advance and publish a statement about.
. 10. Disable the bad influence of the independent newspapers.
11. so as not suspicious of the people should be allowed to publish newspapers opposing ideas we give the reader a kind of confidence.
12. Official press must always be on our side, and to defend our interests.
13. The semi-official press has the right to appeal to neutral ideas.
14. Opposition press is to our enemies and our right to respond to them.
15. Geraúdna supports aristocratic, republican and revolutionary and anarchist.
16. As the central body of the press we will organize the meetings of literary, to discuss our policies and Mnaqdadtha ways superficial, and will continue to our members in controversies false formality with the official newspapers, and this will think the people we call freedom of speech and expression, but they are unable to find the basis of a real base in the definition of freedom of opinion.
17. Must publish the comments and responses in order to calm the political issues, news print incorrect or false, as approved by our purpose.
. 18. When we get to our kingdom, then you should not allow the press to describe any of our movements called criminal, so people believe that our approach and that a successful new crime has been eliminated.

Protocol XIII:
the absence of public awareness.

1. Those we use in our press of the gentiles will discuss what the people running the debates and the debates that we impose on them.

2. Should distract the people from the various types of entertainment, games and sports in order to fill the vacuum of the general things people away from politics.

Protocol XIV:
atheism and published literature of the patient.

1. Destruction of all non-Jewish doctrines of faith.
2. Exploitation of the historical wrongs of governments are illiterate.
3. Campaign on the non-Jewish religions.
4. Dependence on the mysteries of Judaism will not disclose non-Jews.
5. Literature and encourage the patient to show that against the Jewish literature.

Protocol XV:
coups and secret cells.

1. By abrupt political coups soon it power.
2. We will impose the death penalty for each of the composing of any secret organization.
3. We will put all fisheries for secret cells and revolutionary socialism.
4. Inhibition of courage and determination internationalists shouting and demanding their rights and the rights of their people out of control, with laughter and ridicule upon him, which will be tempted to feel that it Abdel servile with no hope of success.
5. We will pay our intellectuals to destroy the efforts of individual pro-collective’s ideas and to show the stupidity and lack of understanding that calling him was a dream of contrary to the fundamental laws of nature, because God has created each object is different from all else and is thus independent of each individuality.
6. Preaching the doctrines of liberal internationalists.
7. Every human being is subject to the authority of or stronger than stronger than the conditions we could not control his power, we must control the prison conditions and that we are the superpower, which controls the individual groups and forces in the world.
8. Do not allow judges to tolerance because tolerance is an attack on the justice of the law these trait virtuous must not appear in L the private life of a person and that the absence of the ability of the judge.
9. Not to allow members of the law in the service after the age of five, fifty, because the elderly are less able to obey the modern systems.
10. we will choose the judges from among men who understand their duties in the application of punishment and law firm and non-absorption in the dreams of liberal doctrines.
11. We will cancel the right of appeal and Nqzareth for us.
12. If the sentence does not want it before we Snazl judges the judge who issued the sentence and are punished immediately and in public so as not to repeat that mistake later.

Protocol XVI:
corruption of education.

1. Must remove all materials that can elevate the minds of young children, but we will make them docile like to see their rulers, and in his person the main pillar of peace and the public interest.

2. We must develop educational curricula that we have an educational system that supported the theories Burhaaniyyah order to make them a nation is capable of thinking independently and thus Snbakém docile animals.

Protocol XVII:
destroy the religious authority.

1. Must destroy the dignity of the clergy in the eyes of the people.
2. Arises when people on the clergy to show we are protectors of the clergy to stop the carnage until we carry out deep into the court’s ruling will not be any power to take us out of it.

3. The corrupt and destroy the administrative bodies, mock agents with high centers pollute others through their work to let them use their influence to expose the corrupt tendencies, and fly in the use of bribery.

Protocol XVIII:
the proliferation of corruption.

1. Politics police
help rhetoricians of the speakers broken Ngrém showing discontent and thus give us an excuse to search people’s homes, and put them under special restrictions.
2. We Snl rulers to recognize their weakness to take action in public and a private detective in this unshakeable prestige of their own power.
3. Provoke people to discover the conspirators themselves.
4. Individual assassinations to destroy the prestige of the gentile rulers.

Protocol XIX:
prohibition of political action.

1. To take off the crown of the offender from the political courage we put in the ranks of the criminals so that sits with thieves and murderers, and other types of bad guys hated foes.
2. We have done our best to repel Alommin on the choice of this approach is unique in its treatment of political crimes. In order to reach this end, we used the press, and public speaking, and history textbooks Almmahsh skill.

Twenty Albotokol:
dumping countries in debt.

1. The imposition of taxes on the property.
2. the imposition of taxes on capital.
3. The imposition of taxes on sales and procurement.
4. The imposition of taxes on inheritance and transfer of ownership from the date of transfer of ownership.
5. Withdrawal of currency from circulation.
6. Withdraw money from governments.
7. Gold coin withdrawn from circulation.
8. Replacement of foreign loans loans internal.
9. Drag the rulers of the religion of our banks, rather than religion of their people in the form of taxes.
10.. When we come to power we will implement the financial program of the Government of Judaism:
to avoid the imposition of heavy taxes
ruling the owner of all state property
taxes upward to the property
taxes on the poor is the origin of all revolutions
of government expenditures paid by Who are better able to pay
will not be king of the king personal
guide to trading surpluses
not to allow the currency to deposit without the activity of
the establishment of an accounting

Albotokol atheist Century:
dumping indebted countries of the Interior.

1. Flood the nations debt is the reason why the internal states to request payment of foreign debt.
2. Flood the states in the domestic debt makes a man lose his confidence in his government.
3. Dumping countries (HIPC) Interior wheel drives inflation in the country.
4 – to exclude the issue of foreign loans in the state of the Jews.
5 – replace the stock exchanges organizations, big government will be its duty to impose taxes on businesses, according to what you see government appropriate, and so will be all business credit, we .
and you can you imagine any force that would become so in that case.

Protocol XXII:

1. Must remain the gold in our hands
2 – we will develop new regulations for freedom is not based on decomposition and corruption or the people’s right to do what pleases them to do,
and also serves as the human and power do not Aattiyana the right to disseminate the principles destructive such as freedom of religion and equality and the like of ideas.
3 – that the power of true Do not give up any right, even the right of God (forgiveness of God Almighty).
one will dare to touch them in order to rob them of even a thread of their ability.

Protocol XXIII:
the Jewish state.

1. People should be trained to modesty and decency in order to get used to obedience, so we’ll reduce luxury materials.
2. Sabotage our own factories because the factory owners of luxury is often incite their work against the government, perhaps unconsciously.
3. Unemployment the biggest threat to the government.
4. Prohibition of alcohol.
5. Nations are not subject to blind subservient only to the mighty power.
6. The destruction of all ideas and bodies that become Muslim rule the Jews of the United

Protocol XXIV:
State of King David.

the way the state strengthened by King David to continue until the other day, that our approach will include the maintenance of the state on the same principles that handed the reins of the world’s sages, any guidance the whole human race and education:
1. Education kings and their successors special education.
2. The election of the kings of talent and the right of inheritance is not they who understand the secrets of political art alone.
3. Replace them if there is any failure of them.
4. Will not know the future plans of the ruling and only three who trained him.
5. Will address his subjects, King openly many times, the harmony between the power of the king and the power of the people.
6. King likes to be a model of fairness, pride and tyranny.

Chapter VI:
Jewish anti-Semites:

Can you believe what I just read? Can you see the things that are now occurring as described protocols? I can hear some readers say this is not true that the protocols of the origin of a non-Jew and was drafted by some anti-Semites Well, for those smart people will show two mistakes in their reasoning:
1 – it’s a fact conclusive that the protocols of Jewish origin Proof of this can be found in one of the Older books on earth, which sold millions of copies across time and can not be withdrawn from the public now,
that the Jewish Talmud.
2 – Semitic or anti-Semites have nothing to do with Jews in general.
here I will give some short sentences.
Des Griffin has conducted research in the giant book anti-Semitism and links Babylonian.
as a result of Zionist propaganda strict and flowing the vast majority of Germans, as well as the Americans have been misled to believe that the word Sami refers exclusively to the Jews.
What is interesting a, word Sami or foe High did not appear in 1828 in a dictionary, the American’s Noah Webster English language has been invented in the last century only.
Saami as Oxford Dictionary of higher credibility (version 1944) are the people who belong to the race of humanity includes many of the people and who Anhron of Sam son of Noah, such as Arabs and Hebrews and Assyrians and Arameans, and speak the language of the High as mother tongue.
Well, most people will answer to the question whether the Jews with current assets of a Hebrew or Semitic
E ((yes))!! This is an error! And simply not true
of the Jews in modern times have nothing to do Balabrien in ancient biblical times.
It’s a historical fact that 95% of the modern Jewish is not Semitic, but the goods are Turkish (invited Balkhozr) E.

Caspian did not Liato from Jordan, but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus.
and their genes back to the Han and Igor and Magyar, not to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.

Let me give you a quick review of the history of the Khazars:
Jews of our time are divided into two main sections Alsnharim and Ashkenazi.
Alsnharim descended from Jews who Asho since the foot in Spain until they were expelled at the end of the fifteenth century.
In 1960 the number of Alsnharim to 500,000.
Ashkenazi or Jewish Khazars the same period of Kano about 11 million.
Jewish Encyclopedia tells us about the Khazars (pronunciation varies) E.

are a group of people of Turkish origin who lives and history blend with the early history of the Jews in Russia.
Khazar kingdom was established with certainty in the south before the founding of the Royal Russian Russian by Alphengarien in 855.
at this time was the Kingdom of the Khazars Boj throttle and the situation war permanently.
at the end of the eighth century the pagan king of the Khazars and Nblaúh with his people to embrace the pagan religion of Judaism.
At the end of the nineteenth century it seemed as if all the Khazar Jews after their conversion Kano to Judaism shortly.
This was thanks to the success of King Oubadi re-generation of the Kingdom and strengthening the Jewish religion.
He called Jewish students to Istkaro in his territory and established Knissat (collection of synagogue) in each region and schools.
people Atbau the teachings of the Torah and the Mishna and the Talmud.
in their writings used the Caspian letters Hebrew and took control of the Hebrew language.
Alphengarrion Russians Astkaro in Kiev Even the recent campaign against the Khazars by the Russians who Antsro after heavy fighting.
Four years after the Russians conquered all the territory east of the River Alkhzari Azov.
Several members of the royal family Alkhozria emigrated to Spain and some of them to Hungary, but many of them Bako in their country.
as if the references Judaism, we find that the vast majority of Jews present can not claim to assets Hebrew and claim that they will inherit Palestine.
and because of this fact, the term anti-Semitism does not refer to the Jews present.
now the word anti-Semitism serves up one day when the Jews feel that whatever Ierdahm or oppose their goals accuse their victims applying the word anti-Semitism across all channels and TV networks that are under their control (media talk).
and what happened under Hitler’s Third Reich has nothing to do with hostility Semitism, but hostility Khazars or hostility Allmoudaan.
months Khazar-known are the family of Rothschild, who HH themselves as Rochleld or shield the Red German language as a symbol of the Jewish Khazars.
And since the Jews present is not of the assets of Hebrew not Ihsalo and will not Ihsalo the right to claim the land of Palestine.
Israel is illegal outright, and if some Jews from the assets of Hebrew.
that race, which is behaving anti-Semitic Jews are present because they hate and fight against the Arabs who are Semitic origin,
so we can say that the Arabs are the enemies of the Khazars, or enemies of the Jews and the Jews are the enemies of the Commissioner.


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