Against the NWO 1(translation of Karam)

Secret societies and their impact in the twentieth century, from 1 to 4::

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Prepare, translate, summarize: Eng. Hazar Ibrahim,
exclusive of the site

Chapter I:
Many of the organizations in the forums:

Masons free and one of the oldest organizations in today.
scrolls Baberus found in 1888 in an excavation in the Libyan desert describes the secret meetings of similar groups in 2000 BC.
These groups have had a major role in building the Temple of Solomon and tradition filled with a lot of ambiguity.
that the goal of Freemasonry is reflected through the internal transformation of the spiritual perfection of God and nothing, including the Masons belonging to different religions of the deity of His Highness the Builder (Eng) Great for all worlds.
spiritual knowledge of the Masons have been replaced with symbols and metaphors and rituals that have served their communication (a secret language with symbols eg handshake Freemasonry, pyramid, octagon, use the numbers 3, 7, 13 and 33 on the sleeves of clothes, logos and currently slogans companies and their names.
One of the most important symbols to many organizations, including Freemasonry is the apron and was replaced by the priests miles Hyazdik leather carrying white about 2200 years BC and is still used today.
in ancient Egypt were coded gods in the drawings in the temples Palmizr later wore priests apron as a sign for the worship of gods and as a sign of power, which represents the gods on earth.
members of the Brotherhood of the Snake Artdo apron around 3,400 BC to Azaro their submission to the gods.
before in 1307 the Knights Templar with the Knights of St. John led crusade against Muslims, despite the differences among them Touhdo with some for Christian .
. Since that time began to show organizations within organizations started the Knights of the Temple
and the recall of these organizations or Episodes:
– Brothers temple true to Christ
– the Court of the Temple
– Knights of Rhodes
– Knights of Malta
– the monarchy and the military of Malta
– Knights of Christ
– and in the fourth century century in Germany appeared fraternal snake for the first time the new name, but Alominata
– Friends of God
– a system of St. John
– the Jesuits

Chapter II
of the Elders of Zion:

A secret organization other huge influence began to think about control of England.
The Jewish rabbis, the wealthy and the political leaders of the Jewish people scattered consolidation of their forces group became known as the Elders of Zion.
since 1640 and until 1689 plans of the Elders of Zion in the Netherlands of the revolution in English (the removal of the family of Stewart the throne of England) and Okarzo money to parties scattered many for this purpose.
Several years ago, they used their influence to Asatro to William I and is the commander of a German family of Nassau and made ​​him commander of the German army and later to become the Prince of Orange County.
the Elders of Zion to arrange a meeting between William I and between Mary eldest daughter of the Duke of York and sister of Charles II of England and Dubro their marriage in 1677 and Onajabu and William III, who later married Mary second daughter of James II
and thus became the two families Altan British and German are related.
in in 1688 forced the Elders of Zion, the family of Stewart to step down from throne help the Party and invade and is the party of influential Britons and Scots, and in 1689 the title of William III as king of England.
William III, who was a Mason established a system of Orange Royal, who was hostile to the Catholic and the goal to create a system that Protestant strong in England.
the system still exists and in which about 100,000 is a member of Ireland and feeds the fires of religious wars.
quickly implicated and William III of England wars costly against France, Catholic and put England debts deep
, and here was an opportunity, and William is known to the Elders of Zion.
help the client and the William Paterson owed ​​1.25 million pounds from banks Jews who helped him access to the throne.
and as the debt rose dramatically government had no choice but to accept the conditions of borrowing are as follows:
1 – the names of the lenders must be kept confidential and guarantees them the right to Aosso Bank of England (Central Bank)
2 – directors of the bank allows them to set the gold standard and currency
3 – are entitled to Akarzo 10 pounds sterling as a currency of paper for every pound of gold reserves
4 – entitled to Izido Ihsalo public debt and the difference from direct taxes (as has happened in America now).

And so established the first central bank, particularly in the world (the Bank of England)
this type of work bank obtained a 50% profit on the investment of the resources of the Bank increased by 5%
and thus increased the national debt of England of 1.25 million pounds in 1694 to 16 million in 1698.
after William III succeeded House of Hanover to obtain the throne of England and not Szaló where even today the fact that the Windsor royal family line descended directly from the House of Hanover.

Chapter III:
Free Masons:

In 1567 split Freemasons Liberals in England to the forums forum York and a forum for London.
The most important period in the history of the Freemasons were at the beginning of the 17th century with the adoption of privacy and mystery macro and opened Masonry to non-Masons, which led in 1700 to become 70% Masons of new members from outside of Freemasonry.
on June 24 in 1717 met with representatives of the British and Osso forums Forum and Great Britain which is also called the great mother of each forum in the world.
The new system was the initial three grades:
entering Almterbon and comrades of the profession and the great Mr. or a certain degree blue.
great forum wanted to strongly keep the British throne, however, the family origin Alhanovra Thus Oato the first two degrees to Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1737.
some of the subsequent generations success throughout the world class blue (August Frederick, King George IV, King Edward VII, and King George VI).
in the meantime they have enemies.
in 1688 and after the deposition of King James II began advocates family Stewart to form several groups, including militias Jacobins who Haulo re family of Stuart to the throne.
in the in 1725 established the Andrew Michael Ramsay, a new branch of the Masons-Ahrar (Liberals forum Temple of Scotland) to support James III, and included this section Templars ex.
this forum has a higher degree of forum mother as Haulo drag some members from there.
As we can see there are now two of the Freemasons Liberals antagonistic tendencies Alhanovrien forum in great motherland in London and the family of Stuart forum which Alasctlna temple here and ask who was the third party who benefited from this conflict can be Alaalominata.

Chapter IV:
the family of Rothschild:

((Give me control over the destiny of a nation and I do not care who puts their laws)) Omchel Mayer Rothschild 1743-1812

Born Mayer Omchel Rothschild Alkhzari or (Jews are not Hebrews) in Frankfurt in 1743 and is the son of Moses Omchel Power, who was the lender roving and jeweler from eastern Europe, after working for a short period of the Bank of Oppenheimer in Hanover by Meyer opened the house exchange special Gooden Brief ( Avenue Jew) in Frankfurt and all the doors put a shield red as a symbol of Jewish Khazars in Eastern Europe and shortly after the Meyer changed his name to Mayer Rothschild
(in German means a shield is red).
married Meyer Gotal Hnibr with the 16 year and gave birth to 5 boys and 5 girls and the names of his sons Omchel, Solomon,
Nathan, Kalman (Charles), Jacob (James).
accelerated fame thanks to the Prince William X, where he held under the patronage of Prince meeting Freemasons Liberals in Germany.
Prince William borrowed large sums of money for the armies of mercenaries Hess, which lent the king of England, and these are the same forces that fought later George Washington in Valley Forg.
and thus became the Bank of Rothschild Bank, which deals with Prince William exclusively, and when he had Prince to flee to Denmark because of political turmoil left the money mercenaries 600,000 pounds in the bank Rothschild deposit .
by Nathan Rothschild, elder son of Mayer to take this amount with him to London to found the other bank there.
gold, which was used as collateral for new bank came from the (East India Company) and got Nathan profits from lending to the Duke of Wellington, who financed its military operations.
and escalated profits later selling illegal gold which was supposed to be a guarantee of the bank.
This was the origin of the wealth of the giant to the family of Rothschild and later started out operations banking world by having each son of Meyer opened a bank in different countries.
Omchel in Berlin, Solomon in Vienna, Jacob Paris, and Kalman in Naples.
by Meyer to leave a will for his children show how they should deal with the family fortune in the future.
young people manage assets and adults have sound decision when the differences and the important decisions and all accounts must be kept secret, especially from governments.
contract Meyer Omchel Rothschild a secret meeting in 1773 in a house in Gooden Brief (Street Jew) in Frankfurt, with 12 Jewish rich financiers banks to formulate a plan of how to control all the wealth of the world.
and according to Herbert c Dorsey Thdthoan the fact that the Bank of England has made ​​the actual control of wealth in English possible and But this control was necessary for the establishment to control the world’s wealth.
This plan emerged later, Protocols of Zion.
The origin of these protocols back to previous centuries, but was re-drafted by the Rothschild family and this is what gave her the importance of

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